Abuse Awareness

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In 2009, the Oregon Department of Human Services found that 11,090 children in the state were victims of child abuse or neglect. Almost half of those victims were below age 6, and nearly 95% were abused by family members. All school employees in Oregon are mandatory reporters. Mandatory reporters are required by law to report any abuse they witness, suspicion of abuse, or information regarding possible abuse.

What is Abuse?

Physical Abuse

Any assault or physical injury to a child caused by other than accidental means

Mental Injury and Emotional Abuse

Cruelty that results in substantial impairment of a child's mental or psychological ability to function

Sexual Abuse and Sexual Exploitation

Inappropriate touching or sexual contact

Showing a child inappropriate material of a sexual nature

Engaging a minor in prostitution or pornography


Failure to provide adequate food, shelter, clothing, supervision, or medical care

Threat of Harm

Permitting a child to enter or remain in a place where illicit drugs are manufactured

Exposure to a controlled substance that subjects the child to substantial risk

Permitting a child to live with or be cared for by an adult who has a prior conviction for child abuse or neglect

Verbal threats

What to Do When You Suspect a Case of Child Abuse

Call the appropriate county hotline to report suspected abuse. This can be the county in which the abuse took place OR the county where the child resides.

Multnomah County: 503-731-3100

Clackamas County: 503-657-2112

Washington County: 503-648-8951

If you have any questions regarding this information, please contact the counselor in your child's division.