Environmental Sustainability


Catlin Gabel commits itself to becoming a sustainable school by:

  • Educating students to develop the wisdom, vision and drive to create a sustainable society
  • Modeling sustainable practices throughout the school
  • Inspiring others to join with us in our commitment to sustainability

Energy Use


Product Status

  • Cleaning Products: 95% of products are Green Seal, Sustainable Earth or DfE certified.
  • Copy Paper (WCP Solutions - white): 0% post-consumer content
  • Facial Tissue: 10% post-consumer content (Green by Design)
  • Paper Towels (singlefold): 100% recycled fiber; 40% post-consumer content (Ecologo)
  • Paint (latex): Miller Paint Acro-Pure Zero VOC (Green Seal Certified)
  • Paper Towels (Cormatic Roll): 100% recycled fiber; 40% post-consumer content (Ecologo)
  • ProTeam Intercept Micro Filter bags: Green Label Certified


School Bus Routes

The school has established five school bus routes to reduce vehicle traffic entering the campus.

  • Blue
  • Green
  • Purple
  • Red
  • Yellow

Campus Traffic Counts

The school tracks the numbers of vehicles entering campus.

Tree Canopy - 40%

Zero Waste

Total Campus Waste: Total Waste Chart 2013-14

Landfill contributions:

  • Benchmark [2006-2007]: 65 tons
  • Year One [2007-2008]: Actual: 46.35 tons
  • Year Two [2008-2009]: Actual: 32.49 tons
  • Year Three [2009-2010]: Actual: 30.48 tons
  • Year Four [2010-2011]: Actual: 27.02 tons
  • Year Five [2011-2012]: Actual: 28.6 tons
  • Year Six [2012-2013]: Actual: 30.32 tons
  • Year Seven [2013-14]: Actual: 30.23 tons

Landfill Analysis 1999-00 to 2014-15

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