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The Catlin Gabel girls’ soccer program had an outstanding season full of many team and individual accomplishments. The team really came together in the preseason and put together a strong start to the year. The strong start carried over into the regular season, which was capped with a league title. The girls had a season long tug-a-war with OES. The Eagles knocked off OES at their homecoming, and a week later the Aardvarks returned the favor. In what appeared inevitable all season the two teams met in the state championship. The Eagles took a lead in the second half 1-0, then then late on OES scored two goals to win 2-1. Catlin Gabel battled all season long and just came up short in the state championship to finish second. The girls had an outstanding season and they look to take the crown from OES in 2017.

2016 Catlin Gabel Girls Soccer


Sam Slusher Player of the Year and 1st team all-league

Ally Priest Goalie of the Year and 1st team all-league

Allie Dunnaville 1st team all-league

Layton Rosenfeld 1st team all-league

Etienne Oliver 2nd team all-league

Aliya Mahmoud 2nd team all-league

Anousha Greiveldinger Honorable Mention all-league

Annika Holiday Honorable Mention all-league


Sam Slusher 3a/2a/1a Player of the Year and 1st team all-state

Ally Priest 3a/2a/1a Goalie of the Year and 1st team all-state

Maya Fernandez-Powell 1st team all-state

Allie Dunnaville 2nd team all-state

Layton Rosenfeld 2nd team all-state'

At Catlin Gabel, the goal in the girl's soccer program is to create a positive and respectful winning environment. The program has a rich and successful history with high expectations. Girls are trained daily with an emphasis on technical and tactical knowledge. The program is designed to be competitive but at the same time team oriented. Girls in the program work hard daily, and their passion for the game comes through in how much fun they have playing the game.

Monday, 10/23/2017
Tuesday, 10/24/2017
Wednesday, 10/25/2017
  vs. Westside Christian
Thursday, 10/26/2017
Friday, 10/27/2017
Monday, 10/30/2017
Tuesday, 10/31/2017
  First round
Saturday, 11/04/2017
Tuesday, 11/07/2017
Saturday, 11/11/2017
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