Basketball - Varsity Boys

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The Catlin Gabel Boys Basketball program fosters the growth of the individual players through extensive coach training, knowledge and experience. Character development and confidence building are at the core of our philosophy as well as commitment and a sense of accomplishment. Students learn to build upon these life skills and experiences to prepare them for their future endeavors.

We provide a healthy, vibrant program to allow athletes to experience the value of team culture. One of the overarching program goals is to continue to build a comprehensive, inclusive program to support players from grade school through and beyond high school. To build such a dynamic program, each individual player is supported and grows to the best of their ability. This in turn builds good, solid team chemistry,

Winning a state title every year is not the only way to determine if a program is successful. Success also comes when everyone is committed to the team and comes together every practice and every game wanting to improve their skill set to better themselves for years to come. This commitment drives both the players and the coaches to continue to foster an atmosphere of confidence, respect and passion for the game!

Record: 17-9
League Record:
Saturday, 04/18/2015
  Track and Field - Varsity Coed
  OR Relays -- Day 2
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Monday, 04/20/2015
Golf - Varsity Boys
  All District 1
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Tuesday, 04/21/2015
Golf - Varsity Girls
  Molalla hosts
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Tennis - Varsity Boys
  vs. Delphian
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Tennis - Varsity Girls
  vs. Tillamook
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Baseball - Varsity Coed
  vs. Rainier
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Wednesday, 04/22/2015
  Track and Field - Middle School Coed
  OES Meet
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Tennis - Varsity Girls
  vs. Blanchet Catholic
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Thursday, 04/23/2015
Tennis - Varsity Boys
  vs. Riverdale
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  Track and Field - Varsity Coed
  Catlin Gabel 4-Way
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