Tuition on the Track

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April 15, 2016
Catlin Gabel School

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About TTT

The walkathon originated from Kate Rubinstein '12's "agents of change" paper for junior English class in 2011. The agents of change assignment is itself a tradition in which students identify something to improve at Catlin Gabel, propose the change in writing, and submit the idea to the appropriate person or people. Now a tradition, each year two seniors organize this fun and community building event where the entire school comes together for an afternoon.

Fundraising Guide

How it works:

Students and families collect either flat donations or lap pledges and track their donations in the included envelope or online. Then on April 17 we all come together to walk the track to raise money and celebrate our fundraising efforts.
We encourage every family to find at least one lap sponsor for their student. Students then can earn their a donation for each lap they complete. Lower School students generally do 8-12 laps, but we encourage each student to do what they can.
It is the walker's responsibility to calculate and collect the pledge after the event. Each walker will be given a lap card that will be marked for each lap they complete. All the money raised goes towards financial assistance.


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A Letter from the Co-Chairs

Dear Catlin Gabel Community,

After the school's rummage sale was discontinued and no longer served as a source of financial aid for Catlin Gabel students, Kate Rubinstein '12 established Tuition on the Track as part of her junior year "Agents of Change" project. Our school has always been grounded in its mission of offering a top-tier education to all students, regardless of the family's financial background. Tuition on the Track is a community event that helps turn our school's mission into a reality. While Catlin Gabel already provides financial aid for more than 25% of its students, Tuition on the Track gives all of us the special chance to come together as a whole school while working together to expand the financial aid program and give more students access to a Catlin Gabel education.

Our teachers are unmatched in their dedication to fostering students' love of learning, critical thinking, and effective communication. Extracurricular activities complete Catlin Gabel's unique experiential education model. For example, students experience world cultures and environments through outdoor education and global trips, and they develop leadership and teamwork skills in championship-level sports teams and nationally ranked math and engineering teams. Catlin Gabel's inclusive, holistic, and versatile education transforms lives and encourages us to pursue our greatest dreams.

We are both incredibly grateful for our school and the one-of-a-kind education it provides; we know firsthand the immense impact it has on its students. We are honored to represent Catlin Gabel by spearheading this annual tradition, and we hope you will join us in our goal of making Catlin Gabel's unique educational experience accessible to everyone.

Thank you for your support,

Brendan Edelson '15 and Valerie Ding '15

Fundraiser at Chipotle - April 15

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