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Class Art Projects

Examples of class art projects. 

Class Art Project Guidelines, 2015-2016

Class art projects are a large part of the auction revenue and would not be possible without the art faculty, parents, staff, and students. These projects embody the spirit of Catlin Gabel’s collaborative learning method.  

We protect the students’ instructional time, so we ask class art leaders to use the following guidelines.

  • Please consult with art teachers well in advance about the project so that they can help plan and collaborate with you and the students. 
  • Projects should be something that can be hung, or displayed easily, and ideally each student’s work should be identifiable.
  • The art projects should have a tie with the grade level’s curriculum so that it can be part of the learning process, with meaning and relevance to their learning.
  • Up to two art classes can be used to create the art projects if they are not already part of the instruction. When projects are done during class time, volunteers should be there to help the entire time.
  • If additional time is needed, please consult with the teachers. We aim to eliminate or minimize additional time needed for the projects.
  • Plan in advance who will lead the art projects for each grade, set the timeline, and buy materials (if necessary).
    • o    All materials (unless small and insignificant) will be reimbursed by auction funds. Keep all receipts and submit to the auction office for reimbursement. The budget for materials is $200 per project. If you think you will go over budget you must notify and discuss options with Caroll by February 15.
    • For framing, please contact Beard’s Framing on Miller Road
    • Volunteers are responsible for taking photos and sending two to three emails to their fellow parents explaining the process and the children’s experience.
    • NEW FOR 2016: All classes will have a mug and a set of stationary to be sold in the online auction. If your class wishes to make additional items please talk to Caroll by February 12.
    • All projects are due February 22 to the auction office in Toad Hall. Teachers are not responsible for finishing or transporting projects. Please also include any tools or hardware needed to hang the item.
    • To see examples of past art projects, look through the Class Art Projects binder in the Toad Hall or visit:

Important Dates

December 1: Mandatory Lower School Art Project meeting at 3:15 in the Art Barn

December 3: Mandatory Beginning School Art Project meeting at 8:15 in the Beehive

January 4–15: In-class time for art project for Lower School

January 11-22: In-class time for art projects for Beginning School

*Take pictures and send email to classmates

February 22: Projects due

March 3: Gallery open house, 3–4 p.m.

*Take pictures and send email to classmates

March 1–March 11: Artwork on display in Cabell Center

March 12: Catlin Gabel Auction at the Portland Art Museum


Megan Galaher, class art project co-chair, or
Brigitte Kolloch-Russell, class art project co-chair,
Caroll Casbeer, special events and stewardship manager, 503-297-1894 ext. 242,



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Contact Info

Caroll Casbeer
Special events and stewardship manager
503-297-1894 ext. 242
Toad Hall

Volunteer Central

      I.        Important Dates Add to your calendar!

  • Procurement Meetings: Tuesday after drop-off in Toad Hall
  • Wine & Item Drop Off Day
  • Procurement Deadline: March 3
  • Live Auction & Sign Up Party Deadline: February 22

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  • Digital Save the Date goes out this week!
  • Tickets go on sale Feb 1 (or sooner)
  • Patron Raffle is overnight at the Allison Inn->start talking it up!

  IV.        Procurement Update

  • To date we have over 80 items (valued at $41,524.99) including a weekend vacation house in San Francisco, tickets to Disneyland, wine tasting, and private Ben & Jerry’s party for 250.
  • We are focusing on closing as many packages as currently in the works by January 25. IF YOU HAVE SOMETHING PLEASE FILL OUT THE BELOW FORM ASAP. (sorry for the all caps)
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