Alumni Weekend

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A few highlights from Homecoming & Alumni Weekend 2014

The Catlin-Hillside and Gabel Country Day reunion luncheon was a truly memorable and multi-generational experience. Four 6th grade girls shared a commemoration to Joey Day Pope ’54 and the history of the sundial named in her honor. This tribute to Joey's importance to the Catlin Gabel community was part of the 6th grade Humanities Place project, led by teacher Ann Fyfield. The class had explored the history of the Catlin Gabel campus, including its artwork, plaques, memorials, buildings, and landscape, and presented their discoveries from interviewing faculty, staff, and alumni; digging through records; and simply poking around the campus.

Homecoming saw a historically large and enthusiastic turnout of alumni and the entire CG community. The hospitality tent was a success, with even OES families telling us how welcomed they felt. Lower School children played long into the evening hours. A faculty member said, “I've never seen a Homecoming turn out like that!" A student reflected that “this was the most fun night ever—even if we lost—because you could talk to anyone from any grade and we all had something in common, wanting to support the team and being proud of how much fun everyone was having." Parents also felt the positive spirit and truly appreciated all the support for the students.

Thank you to all of the alumni families who came out to support our soccer team. Go, Eagles!

Alumni families, community members, and reunion attendees poured into the Creative Arts Center for the Celebration of Leadership and Service. There the Distinguished Alumni Award recipients shared their fond memories of their time at Catlin Gabel and reflections on the profound effect that their Catlin Gabel education continues to have on their life. Honoree Dr. Philip Starr ’79 talked about how deeply English teacher Clint Darling and history teacher John Wiser influenced his development of critical thinking, communication, and writing skills—and that these were key to his success. Amelia Templeton ’02 graciously thanked her parents for their sacrifice in sending her to Catlin Gabel, recognizing the value of the institution on her professional career and personal development.

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