Annual Awards

The Catlin Gabel alumni board recognizes distinguished alumni through an annual awards program. In 2008, the alumni board revised the annual awards program to honor three alumni with diverse professional, civic, and service achievements. The honorees are recognized at the Celebration of Leadership and Service event each fall.

Distinguished Alumni Awards

Margot Voorhies Thompson '66

Distinguished Alumni Achievement Award

Granted to Catlin Gabel graduates or former students for significant accomplishments in business or professional life.

Margot was selected because of her dedication to education, achievement and contributions to the field of fine arts. In Oregon, Margot’s work is represented by The Laura Russo Gallery.  Her work has been collected by the Portland Art Museum , The Tacoma Art Museum, the Brooklyn Museum of Art, the Stanford University Hospital and  the Printmaking Workshop in New York. She has completed major public art commissions individually and in collaboration with poet, Kim Stafford.  Public art commissions include the University of Oregon Health and Sciences University (OHSU), Portland; Portland State University; Kaiser Permanente, Tualatin, OR; the Woodstock Branch of the Multnomah County Library, Doernbecher Children’s Hospital, the Oregon State Capitol on the mall and the Oregon State Hospital in Salem. The University of Oregon’s Knight Library Press and The Lonegoose Press commissioned Margot to work on books and broadsides with Kim Stafford, Pattian Rogers, Wendell Berry, John Daniel, Rennard Strickland and Kathleen Dean Moore.

Margot has had 45 one-person exhibitions (17 at the Laura Russo Gallery). She has participated in 100 group exhibitions and received 33 awards and commissions.  Her work is represented in 58 collections, and numerous publications. She is the owner & Independent Artist at Margot Thompson Designs. Her work includes personal fine art work: calligraphy, painting, printmaking & design. For four decades she has taught workshops throughout Oregon and at the Sitka Center for Art and Ecology in Otis, OR. In 1972, She co-founded Neskowin Valley School (an independent non- profit elementary school in Neskowin, OR) with her husband, George Thompson ’64. Recently, she served as a trustee of LanSu Chinese Garden (Portland, OR) and as a trustee of the National Tropical Botanical Garden (Kauai, Hawaii).

Education: Portland State University Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Liberal Studies  2008 – 2010

Lewis & Clark College  Creative Writing  1991 – 1994

Pacific Northwest College of Art  Painting & Printmaking  1983 – 1985

University of Washington, Seattle, WA  Art Studio & Art History  1969 – 1970

Colorado College, Colorado Springs, Colorado  Art Studio & Art History  1967 – 1969

Reed College, Art History & Studio Art 1966 – 1967, Eliot Scholar 1984

Photo: Pete Perry


Lyla J. Andrews Bashan '98

Distinguished Alumni Service Award

Granted to Catlin Gabel graduates or former students for extraordinary service to their community, state, nation, or the world.

Lyla J. Andrews Bashan’s passion for helping make the world a better place started in the 6th grade when she did a report on the degradation of the Amazon rainforest. The report made her realize that environmental destruction was occurring throughout the world and was a really terrible thing! After this, she became an environmentalist and was committed to helping to improve the way we treated the environmental – Rachel Carson was an idol of hers. In high school, while at Catlin, Ms. Andrews Bashan started a youth group at Unity, the new agey church her parents attended. During an international youth conference in Kansas City her junior year, Ms. Andrews Bashan had the pleasure of meeting Robert Mueller, who had spent his career working on peace and conflict resolution and the United Nations. Talking to Mr. Mueller during this youth conference is when Ms. Andrews Bashan learned that peace and conflict resolution was even a thing you could do and she was immediately interested in it! After her sophomore year of college at Lewis and Clark, Ms. Andrews Bashan interned at Mercy Corps, a humanitarian relief and development organization headquartered in Portland. For her, this was the final piece of the puzzle. She realized that if humans were suffering, not able to provide for themselves or their family and living under the constant threat of violence, they would never care about protecting the environment.

Ms. Andrews Bashan started her career working for several non-governmental organizations, including Mercy Corps and InterAction, which is the largest alliance of US based humanitarian relief and development organizations. Soon after graduating from graduate school Ms. Andrews Bashan was awarded a Presidential Management Fellowship with the Department of State. In her first position as a Civil Servant at the State Department, Ms. Andrews Bashan helped to establish the Office of the Director of US Foreign Assistance, which undertook the largest foreign assistance restructuring since the Marshall Plan after World War II. After the initial office stand up, Ms. Andrews Bashan was the Country Coordinator for West Africa managing the overarching foreign assistance for 11 West African countries. Ms. Andrews Bashan’s next position at the State Department was as the Conflict Prevention Officer for Africa in the Office of the Coordinator for Reconstruction and Stabilization. In this position she managed the oversight of $60 million in stabilization activities throughout Sub-Saharan Africa. She also lead and supported efforts to foster stability and prevent conflict throughout the continent. One of her duties was to lead a scoping mission to the eastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo, which has been suffering from conflict for decades. Her team assessed ways that the US Government could better provide support to de-escalate the conflict and targeted, strategic additional support was provided as a result.

Ms. Andrews Bashan’s first tour as a United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Foreign Service Officer was as a Democracy and Governance Officer in Guatemala. From Guatemala, she headed to Tajikistan where she was the Team Lead for Health, Education and Democracy and Governance. In this role, she worked closely with her staff, other Embassy staff, and the Tajik Government to help improve the lives of countless Tajiks. After her tour in Tajikistan, Ms. Andrews Bashan and her family came back to Washington, DC where she worked briefly with the Office of Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment before taking a year off to stay home with her second child. Upon return to work, Ms. Andrews Bashan supported the Energy Office in the Bureau of Europe and Eurasia in Washington. This summer Ms. Andrews Bashan is starting a four-year tour as USAID’s Director of the Office of Sustainable Development. In this role she will guide the office comprised of American Foreign Service Officers and Armenian Foreign Service Nationals working on economic growth, democracy and governance, health, and social reform.  

Education: American University M.A. in International Peace and Conflict Resolution

Lewis and Clark College B.A. in International Affairs


Andrew McCartor '98 

Distinguished Younger Alumni Award

Granted to Catlin Gabel graduates or former students who have achieved much in the arena of professional accomplishments or social service before the age of 40.

Andrew was selected for his environmental justice and policy work worldwide. His career has focused on eliminating public health risks from toxic pollution and advancing sustainable development in low-income countries. He has lived outside of the U.S. for three years and has managed pollution prevention and cleanup programs in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, China, Georgia, India, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Nepal, the Philippines, Russia, Tajikistan and Ukraine. He frequently leads international training seminars and conferences on issues of public health and the environment.

Andrew currently serves as Regional Director-South Asia and East Asia for Pure Earth (formerly Blacksmith Institute), an international nonprofit organization that identifies and cleans up life-threatening pollution. Andrew designed and managed a project to clean up an abandoned Soviet chemical weapons factory in Ukraine where 30 tons of explosive TNT and 2,000 tons of other highly toxic chemicals were left leaking from deteriorated barrels and tanks. Located in the middle of a city of 200,000 people, the crumbling factory posed a high risk of an explosion that would have spread toxic chemicals across the city. After three years of technical planning, coordinating with local authorities, securing funds, and developing partnerships, the explosives were safely removed and the risk of a catastrophic accident eliminated.

Education: Bucknell University, Lewis and Clark Law School

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Joey Day Pope '54 Volunteer Award

Granted to a Catlin Gabel community member in appreciation of outstanding service to the school.

Paul Dickinson, 2015 Honoree Joey Day Pope'54 Volunteer Award

Paul Dickinson has been an amazing contributor to the Catlin Gabel community in so many ways. Paul had an innate ability to connect with students and parents of all backgrounds, and make them feel seen, and valued. For decades he taught the ornithology course, uncompensated, on top of his full teaching load. He took groups of ornithology students to Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in southeastern Oregon 44 times. And Paul was the ultimate booster: the first to sign up to help with officiating at track meets, and always there to support students at sporting events, musical performances, and theatrical productions. Throughout Paul’s time at Catlin Gabel he demonstrated humility by quietly being behind the scenes, making lasting contributions to our community. 

Athletic Hall of Fame

In 2013, the athletic hall of fame launched to celebrate Catlin Gabel's exceptional alumni athletes. The people who have inspired our community with their dedication and skills and who serve as role models for today's student athletes. We aim to increase awareness and pride in Catlin Gabel's athletes past and present. Go to Athletics for information and to submit a nomination. Go Eagles!

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