Co-Curricular Programs


The purpose the Middle School Activity program is to provide authentic experiential learning that would not typically be part of our school day and allow students to engage in activities in the middle of the day, instead of competing for after-school time. These co-curricular opportunities rotate by trimester. Students sign up each trimester and are placed in small groups led by staff, community friends, and parents. We are especially grateful to members of our larger community who have stepped up this fall to offer wonderful, creative, and fun activities. Should you be interested in offering an activity in the future, please contact Len Carr.

Fall 2015 Activities


Blues Band

Boot Camp


Chinese Yo-yo


Classic Movie Club



Mexican String Art

Mindfulness: Meditation & Yoga

Mock Trial

Model Trains


National Geographic Bee

Oregon Youth Summit


Ultimate Frisbee


The Reading Scene—Lynn Silbernagel
Drop everything and read! Get absorbed in a book or story—get carried away by words on the page…

Model Trains—Ed Sallia

Learn about this hobby at the school's model train rail yard.

 Frisbee—Jesse Lowes & David Ellenberg

Enjoy some good times tossing the disk playing Ultimate Frisbee. We’ll be running around a lot, so be prepared to work up a sweat in this activity. 

Challenge Course—David Reich

Explore the school’s amazing challenge course. This activity is a chance to learn some new skills, work as a group member, and have fun. You will learn about yourself and about being a cooperative team player. The focus will be on the lower elements only.

Marimba—MyLinda King

Learn all about playing marimba, a percussion instrument consisting of a set of wooden bars struck with mallets to produce musical tones.

Making Musical Instruments—Tom Tucker
Come to the woodshop to specifically create small musical instruments. Students will receive instruction needed to build appropriate instruments that are doable within the time frame permitted.

Meditation & Yoga—Holly Walsh

Learn basic mediation and yoga practice to achieve calmness and rest heighten creativity, and revitalize the mind, body, and soul.

Middle School Student Association (MSSA)—Len Carr
Lots to discuss and get our arms around to support our Middle School. Required for all MSSA officers. We will explore ways to become effective leaders and plan numerous activities and events to benefit the Middle School.

Ballroom Dancing—Kelley Newman
Have fun moving and grooving, learning the basic steps of some of the following depending on time and student interest: waltz, tango, foxtrot, quickstep, cha-cha, samba, and rumba.


Debate—Jason Stevens
Learn and practice the basic principals of debate with an eye toward the possibility of an after-school competitive debate team in the winter.


Fitness Boot Camp—Chris Skrapits & Katie Gunderson
Get fit, stay fit, stretch, run, lift. Each session we will focus on health and exercise. Like PE class, exercise helps us relieve stress and think more clearly.

Identity Booth—Christa Kaainoa, Brendan Gill & Rob Van Nood
This group will answer the question “How can we use digital storytelling to capture and share individual stories about who we are with the entire Catlin Gabel community?” From brainstorming, to interviewing and planning, to building, and testing… What will this group end up creating?! Whatever it is, the hope is to use it in conjunction with this year’s Viewfinder Movie Series, focused on identity.


Wiffle Ball—Mike Maynard & Daniel Flores
A relative of baseball, wiffle ball is a variation of the sport designed for indoor or outdoor play in confined areas. The game is played using a perforated, lightweight, rubbery plastic ball and a plastic bat. We will play wiffle ball, learn basic baseball rules and have fun!




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