Breakaway is a four-day, mixed-grade teacher-student experience when we "break away" from conventional aspects of daily school life. The learning continues, just in a variety of different ways and places.

Breakaway is the Middle School equivalent of Beginning School Wonder Week, Lower School Experiential Days, and Upper School Winterim.

The 2016 catalogue can be downloaded here.

Breakaway’s Importance

Breakaway is an exciting part of the Middle School program. Students are trying new things and meeting new people.

Please do not plan family trips or vacations during Breakaway. A critical piece of the student Breakaway experience is students working, doing, and learning with each other.

Breakaway Dates

Middle School Breakaway is the week before Spring Break. Please note that some of these experiences involve overnights and others are in-town experiences where students travel to and from school. Schedules may vary for these local Breakaways.

If there is a special reason for your child to remain in-town, versus an overnight trip, please indicate this on the sign-up sheet or contact Len directly.

Breakaway Experiences

The Breakaway brochure includes a listing of all of the offerings in full detail. The Breakaway catalog will be posted online. Please discuss the offerings as a family and return choices to C&C advisors by the deadline. Note that the selection sheet includes a place for student choices, as well as a line for parents to sign. Students must make more than one selection. While we do not guarantee a student's first pick of Breakaway experiences, we work to ensure that they receive one of their choices. We tell the students that their selections should be about the experience, not about what their friends are choosing. We challenge them to make selections based on their interests. We are not able to switch students out of their assigned Breakaway groups. If there is disappointment, please let us know and we can help your child sort through it.

Financial Assistance for Breakaway

If your child wishes to choose an activity for Breakaway that stretches beyond your family's resources, we invite you to apply for financial assistance. All families will know what level of assistance the school can provide before the Breakaway sign-up deadline.

Please complete and submit the trips & activities financial assistance form to make a request. Since financial assistance forms are due before activities are assigned, please use the highest cost option on the form. The financial assistance committee will give your request careful consideration. Note that limited funds are available and we would like to assist as many families as possible.

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