Upper School Trip

Key Details

  • Approximate Trip dates: March 15-28, 2017
  • Group size: 12 students
  • Estimated Cost: $3000–$3500 (Note: cost does not include recommended vaccines and medications.  Please see the CDC website for health recommendations and check with your doctor and insurance carrier about costs.)
  • Trip leaders: Aline Garcia-Rubio, Chris Mateer, Zulema Young-Toledo (student leader)

Information Session: 6:30pm, September 28, 2016

Trip application (available September 2016)

Financial assistance request form 

Olive Bridge Endowed Fund for Global Education form

Program Overview

What do you imagine when we speak of Cuba?

“Nestled like a jewel among the glittering waters of the Caribbean, it has been home to mobsters and poets, artists and revolutionaries (Ché Guevara, Fidel Castro and Jose Marti, amongst others).

Cuba is a fixture in the American imagination, a place of legend and mystery, of crushing poverty and unfettered spirit. Its troubled and codependent relationship with the United States has made it eternally relevant, and now, as America prepares to relax its embargo, Cuba, once more, is calling.” (from CUBA, Castro, Revolution and the End of the Embargo. Lightning Guides, 2015)

We will use the lens of the arts –-painting, film production, photography, music, poetry, printmaking and narrative to witness, explore and experience this socialist country and its evolution.

We will share, interact and engage with artists on Cuban soil. Our group will bring together our creativity and artistic talents to understand Cuba and its people. We will explore Cuban’s point of view on the relationships between the United States and their nation. We will use art as a mechanism for normalizing relationships with the people of the island.

Spanish fluency and artistic talent are not prerequisites for students on this journey. Flexibility, curiosity, collaboration and creativity are.

(More information available September 2016.) 

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