White Salmon Rafting Overnight

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Wed, 06/26/2013 - Thu, 06/27/2013

WIth its headwaters high on the flanks of Mt. Adams, the exciting White Salmon River flows through lush forests and steep gorges before emptying into the Columbia River.  On this trip, we will spend one day rafting and exploring the most exciting sections of this Wild and Scenic River and a second day exploring caves and other adventurous sites in the area..  With the help of a commercial guiding company on the river, we will descend the famous S-Turn, Flume, and Rattlesnake Rapids, and may even take the plunge of Husum Falls.  The water is crystal clear, and the sun should be shining! 

Students do not need rafting experience, but should be willing to learn, work as a team and paddle hard.  This trip is open to all Upper School students and graduating 8th grade students.

The estimated cost of this trip is is $135. This fee covers rafting instruction and gear rental, permits, transportation, and most food. All interested students should email Peter Green at Greenp@catlin.edu.