Smith Rock climbing trip

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Sat, 10/23/2010 - Sun, 10/24/2010

Remember all those birthday parties where you spent the afternoon climbing on those funky plastic holds in the rock gyms?  Remember how much fun it was?  Well there is a larger, grander and more beautiful world out there!! Yes, that's right.  We're talking about stepping out to glory of Central Oregon and spending a weekend at Smith Rock State Park!  No climbing experience is necessary.

The plan is to head down there on Saturday morning on the big yellow school bus, arriving about 11:20 am.  We'll grab harnesses, shoes and helmets (provided upon request) and make the short walk to the rock.  Students with experience will have a wide choice of routes on which to try their hand.  Students with little or no experience will get a day or personalized instruction in a small group on Saturday.  On Sunday everypone will mix it up into various groups and find their favorite place to climb.

Saturday night we will eat a large meal at a local Mexican restaurant before heading over to the BLM campground for the night.


The trip is open to Upper School students


The cost of the trip is $50


To sign up, send an email to Peter Green at