Sunny Smith Rock Adventure

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Sat, 04/21/2012 - Sun, 04/22/2012


Join us for a sunny and fun weekend at Smith Rock State Park-  we will climb on the world class rocks following in the footsteps and handholds of the greats.  And what's the best part?  This trip is designed for those stsudent who want to climb outside for the first time AND for those who are experienced leaders.  How do we do it?  There are over 3000 routes in the park, and our experienced leaders will help guide you to the climbs that are best suited for your skills and interest.  Can you bring a friend?  YES!  Bring several, this is a fun and social trip.  After climbing on Saturday we will head out for a massive Mexican dinner at a local restaurant, and then bus it over to the Skull Hollow campground for a campfire and story telling.  Sunday will see us on the walls again, pefecting our spring tans and seeing what's up in the beautful central oregon highlands.  We will be back to school about 6pm on sunday.


The cost of the trip is $50 and includes deluxe Chinese style dinner (!) and is open to students ages 14 and above (including 8th graders)


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