Seach for the Lost Logging Camp

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Sat, 11/14/2009 - Sun, 11/15/2009



Somewhere- deep in the woods of the fabled Oregon Coast Range - lies the remains of a logging camp from the last century.   Though the echoes of the huge whipsaws and axes have died away, and the calls for more flapjacks and fewer payroll deductions have faded, the remnants of what made Oregon Oregon can still be found.  The huge old growth trees that survived millenia have disappeared, but are now replaced by a whole new forest, almost as deep and as dark.  Far into these woods can be found the machines and clues to the golden age of logging in the Northwest.


Join us on a search for the Lost logging Camp.  We will leave Catlin Gabel on Saturday afternoon, November 14th and stay at a nice campground about an hour from campus.  On Sunday we will hike and explore in the forest until we find our treasure.


Trip Dates:  Saturday November 14- Sunday November 15th


This trip is open to Upper Snd Middle School students


The cost of the trip is $45