Rafting the Lower Deschutes River

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Fri, 10/19/2012 - Sun, 10/21/2012

Every few years we offer a special rafting trip to the Lower Deschutes River.  This stretch of the river provides a greater wilderness feeling and more extensive rapids than the standard middle section that we do during other years.  This year we will gather at Catlin Gabel on Friday morning October 19 (students will need to miss classes on this day) and head over to the town of Tygh Valley and then east to Sherar's Falls.  The plan is to put in just below the falls and raft all the way to the Columbia River.  Along the way we will find Idyllic campsites and sleep under the stars.  Meals will be prepared by the students and they will be quite good. 

Please note that students who must drop off the trip after October 1st will receive less than a full refund because of the need to cover the cost for equipment rental and hiring of staff.

The cost of the trip is $175. Financial Aid is available, just ask.

The trip is open to students in the Upper School.

To sign up or for more information contact Peter Green at greenp@catlin.edu