Rafting the Deschutes River

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Fri, 10/14/2011 - Sun, 10/16/2011

This is the classic river trip in Northern Oregon.  We'll spend three full days rafting down this mystical desert river.  The group will paddle the boats through rapids ranging from Class 1 to Class 4.  Each raft will have an experienced adult leader in the boat.

The plan is to board the big yellow school bus and head east onto the Warm Springs Indian Reservation on Friday the 14th (no school that day).  Once there we will load up our fine crafts with gear and begin the float downstream.  The first day is fairly mellow, and we'll camp under the stars after preparing a delightful, filling and nutritious meal.  After dinner we'll often hike up the nearby hills or explore along the riverbank and railroad tracks.

The second day presents us with the challenge of WhiteHorse rapids.  We will scout this challenging stretch of the river before attempting its class 3 waters.  That night we will camp once agian along the shore of the fabled Deschutes.  The final day is a continuous series of challenging class 3 or 4 rapids involving a lot of splashing, screaming and piratical oaths.  We hope to be back at school about 5:30 pm on Sunday afternoon.

Students must be comfortable in water situations and willing to help paddle the raft during the three day trip.  No previous rafting experience is necessary.

The trip is open to current Upper School students.

The cost of the trip is $155.

To sign up, visit the Outdoor Program Office, or send an email to Greenp@catlin.edu.