"No-Trail" Wilderness Adventure

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Mon, 07/11/2011 - Tue, 07/12/2011

Fun with Bushwhacking

We might get wet, we might get muddy, we might have to bushwhack through impressive undergrowth.  In fact, all of these are highly likely.  Come join a group of adventurous students for an overnight adventure of the purest kind.  As a group we will decide upon a location for a two night, trail-free adventure - be it a canyon, creek drainage, or desert wilderness area.  Equipped with a GPS, and equipment for staying overnight, we will chart our own course through the landscape.  Four years ago, a Catlin Outdoor Program trip completed the first known descent of the Elkhorn Creek drainage.  This beautiful creek bed has never been logged and exhibits the lush, Pacific Northwest landscape at its finest.  This two-day summer trip will be modeled on the Catlin Elkhorn trip.  You can find the link to a trip report about the Elkhorn descent here: http://www.catlin.edu/news/outdoor-program/1450.html.

There is no experience necessary, and you do not need to be an athlete to complete this trip. You do need to be in good physical condition and willing to work hard in a group setting.

The cost of this trip is to be determined, and will cover permits, transportation, instruction, and food.  You can sign up by sending an email to David Zonana at zonanad@Catlin.edu