Middle School Rock Climbing Club

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Thu, 01/05/2012 - Thu, 02/16/2012
Welcome to the MS Rock Climbing Club! Rock Climbing is a fun physical and mental challenge.  This program is an after-school club designed to help students learn about the technique, movement, and conditioning of the sport of rock climbing. This course is open to all MS students, regardless of experience level. Although the sport encourages individual efforts, students will support and encourage each other in a team environment. Catlin Gabel, under the leadership of David Reich (Catlin’s challenge course manager) will provide transportation, instruction, logistics, and inspiration. David started rock climbing as a camper at Camp Norwester, and has climbed extensively in Oregon, Washington, Idaho and California over the past 30 years. Other adult climber chaperones from the Catlin community will accompany the group each session. Student to chaperone ratios will be roughly 6:1.

The Upper School Climbing Club will also join the Middle School group and older students will help mentor younger ones. 

Cost per student to be charged to student accounts: 

$90 for the 7 sessions at the Circuit Bouldering Gym. Transportation, instruction, rentals and gym passes are included.  Students will be billed the full amount, even if they miss a session.

Financial aid is available at http://www.catlin.edu/upper/outdoor-program/how-sign-trip. Contact Joe Walsh in the Business Office at walshj@catlin.edu for financial aid questions.

Contact David Reich for Climbing Club questions and to sign up! reichd@catlin.edu