Llama backpacking in the Wallowas

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Mon, 07/08/2013 - Sun, 07/14/2013

Imagine backpacing through the world famous backcountry of the Wallowa Mountains -- but you don't have to carry a pack.  Crazy? yes - but true.  This is the fourth year in a row we've offered this popular trip to Northeast Oregon’s Wallowa Mountains.  The  Wallowas offer white granite peaks, sparkling alpine lakes, and lush wildflower meadows. Spend six days hiking and camping in this beautiful area—with gear carried by llamas, delightful animals that we lead down the trail and care for at night. We camp near crystal clear lakes, hike to the top of peaks, and frolic in the wilderness. Each day we hike 6–10 miles to a new mountain camp. No experience is necessary, but students should be fit enough to be active every day.

The cost of the trip is $425.

This trip is open to graduating 8th graders and all Upper School Students.  You can sign up by sending an email to Renee Jenkinson at JenkinsonR@catlin.edu.