July 6-12: Backpacking in the Wallowa Mountains-- And Llamas will carry your gear!!

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Mon, 07/06/2009 - Sun, 07/12/2009

Head into NE Oregon's Wallowa Mountains--white granite peaks, sparkling alpine lakes, and lush meadows filled with wildflowers. Six days of hiking and camping in this incredibly beautiful area will whet your appetite for exploration.

Even better, do it without a heavy pack on your back! Our gear will be carried by llamas, which we'll lead down the trail and care for at night. These gentle animals can carry 60 pounds each, freeing us up to carry only daypacks as we hike! We'll camp near crystal clear lakes, hike to the top of high peaks and frolic in the wilderness.

We'll leave Portland on Monday, July 6, enjoying music and frisbee on the drive east to the llama ranch. Once there we'll learn how to care for and load packs on the llamas. Monday morning we'll head to the trailhead, load up our pack animals and start hiking.

Each day we'll cover 6-10 miles to a new mountain camp--perhaps near a lake, meadow, stream or peak. There may even be a layover day in which we do not move camp at all. After reaching camp, we'll need to ensure that the llamas are fed, watered and well cared-for. On Saturday, July 11 we'll say farewell to our faithful animals and return to Portland, with stories of grandeur to share.

This trip is open to age 14-18; no experience is necessary, though students should be fit enough to be active every day. Cost is estimated at $395. Science teacher Bob Sauer is leading this trip. To sign up send an email to Aiyana Hart-McArthur