John Day Rafting Trip

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Sat, 04/24/2010 - Mon, 04/26/2010

The Great wilderness river of Oregon.  The John Day is the second longest undammed river in the country, and each spring it provides a wonderful rafting experience.  We will travel from Clarno to Cottonwood down a stretch characterized by deep canyons, stunning rock formations, and secret side canyons.  The trip will be open to 13 Upper School students, and will be led by three Catlin Gabel faculty.

The route is about 70 miles long, which will necessitate an early start on Saturday.  On the first day we will negotiate Clarno rapids, class III, and then travel further north before setting up camp.  The second day we will see a few rapids, and will do a hike up one of the side canyons.  The third day will be the shortest before we get to the Cottonwood Bridge. 

Students don't need any previous rafting experience, but should be able to swim, be comfortable in the water, and willing to make the effort to paddle for three days and hike on occassion.  We will be eating and sleeping under the stars.

The cost for the trip is undetermined, but will be $120 or less.

If you are interested send an email to Peter Green at