Forest Lookout cross country ski trip

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Tue, 01/19/2010 - Wed, 01/20/2010

Ever dreamed of skiing through champagne powder snow to a remote lookout overlooking the vast wilderness of the Oregon Cascades?  No?, well anyway this is a fantastic trip, especially for those new to cross counbtry skiing.  We will drive to the east side of Mt. Hood, not far from the towns of Wamic and Dufur and park our little yellow bus at the place where the road is closed because of snow.  Our skis will then find their place on our feet and with our packs on our backs we will ski up snow covered logging roads to our abode for the night.

Perched about 30 feet up in the air is the Five Mile Butte Lookout.  Fortunately a fine set of wooden stairs allows easy access to the 12 by 12 foot lookout.  Our small group of students and leaders will set up home inside.  These lookouts were once part of the fire protection system in the Northwest, and used by young men and women in green uniforms to spot forest fires in the woods.  During the winter months they are available for rent. 

When not in the lookout sitting by the warm fire, we will be trying out new and unexpected ski techniques on the surrounding terrain.  As darkness comes, and it will come early, we will make a nice dinner in the lookout before turning in for the night.



The next day- Wednesday in this case - we will practice skiing some more and then pack everything up for our descent back to the bus.  The plan is to be home in portland about 5-6 pm.

Trip leaders are Peter Green and Eileen Anderson

This trip is open to Upper Schoolers.  No skiing experience is necessary, though students should be in good condition and willing to be cold (and hot) during the two day trip.

The Cost of the trip is $40 (plus $15 if you need to rent skis, poles and boots)

To register, send an email to Peter Green at