Exploring Oregon's Magical High Country

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Fri, 05/18/2012 - Sun, 05/20/2012

You've maybe heard about the special places of Oregon that are byond Mt. Hood and even beyond Bend?  Well this is the trip to discover what makes Oregon unique, mysterious and magical.  We will spend three days in the high country of Central Oregon.  We'll visit such sites as Hole-in-the-Ground; Fort Rock, Crack-in-the-Ground, the unexplained "Lost Forest" and hunt for real fossils of real extinct elephants and sabre toothed tigers near Christmas Valley.  This is all true - we couldn't make it up.  The trip will involve some moderate hiking - nothing very difficult - and will require a well developed sense of fun and adventure.  We'll camp and dine under one billion stars in the desert each night.


Students will miss classes on Friday.

The cost of the trip is $50

The trip is open to Upper Schoolers

To sign up, send an email to Greenp@catlin.edu