Escape the Rain Hells Canyon Backpacking

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Sat, 11/17/2012 - Tue, 11/20/2012

 Step 1: Get in the bus and drive Southeast until it stops raining.  

Step 2: Start hiking.  


Just kidding.  

Sort of.   


This four day trip with take us to Central Oregon’s Badlands where, though temperatures may drop low, the trip should be nice and dry!  The Badlands is 32,000 acres of low buttes, rock outcrops, and mini canyons just southeast of Bend that awaiting our adventure!


 Most of the Badlands is trail free allowing us to wander through the sage and juniper and camp where we please.   We’ll start our exploration by hiking up Dry River Gorge, a 400 foot deep canyon carved by an Ice Age river where we’ll find rock art, caves, and ponderosa pines.  We’ll continue up the canyon where we will see some of the largest western junipers in Oregon.  We’ll use maps and compasses and hone our navigational skills while taking in the peace and solitude of the desert with new friends. 


  After 3 nights of hiking and striking sunsets we’ll emerge from the desert and head through Bend where we’ll stop for lunch and a hot soak at the Old St Francis School before heading home to Portland.  This trip is open to all upper schoolers, no experience necessary. 

Price: $120 each