Eagle Creek Descent

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Fri, 09/21/2012 - Sun, 09/23/2012

Students from the after school Outdoor Leadership and Adventure Program will travel one of Oregon's classic adventure routes- the entire length of Eagle Creek in the Columbia Gorge.  The group will visit Whatum Lake, swim in Eagle Creek, and travel through a glorious old growth forest.  e will camp out two nights and cook our own meals under the stars.

The plan is to leave after lunch on Friday at 1:00 (an E-Day) and drive up to Wahtum lake.  Once there we will make a day hike up to the summit of Chinadere Mountain and then return to camp to prepare a fine meal.  The following mroning we will load up our packs and hike downhill along Eagle Creek, stopping to swim and wade at various emerald green pools along the way.  That night we will camp along the river and sleep under the stars.  On Sunday the group will break camp and hike the remaining distance out to meet the bus at the trailhead along Interstate 84.  The total hiking distance is 14 miles and almost entirely downhill. 

The trip is open to students in the OLA class.  The cost of the trip is included in the overall cost for the course.

For information contact Peter Green at Greenp@catlin.edu