Central Oregon Exploration and Habitat Restoration

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Sat, 11/20/2010 - Mon, 11/22/2010

350Land of Ponderosa Pines

Earn your Thanksgiving meal and your community service hours with this three day hiking and service trip to Central Oregon.  We will team up with the Oregon Natural Desert Association and the Crooked River Watershed Council to learn about the amazing ecosystems of Central Oregon through a day and a half of habitat restoration work in the McKay Creek watershed in the corner of the Ochoco Mountains.  Once a rich habitat for steelhead, Columbia Spotted Frogs, and native plants, McKay Creek has suffered two hundred years of degradation, and is a shadow of its former self.  The Crooked River Watershed Council is currently in the process of removing irrigation dams on the creek, and once these have been removed, Catlin will the first group to get to work replanting important riparian species.  

The plan is for the Catlin group to meet on Saturday morning, board the activity bus, and head over the Cascades to the older Ochoco Mountains outside of Prineville.  Once at the site, the group will work planting Willow seedlings along the newly restored shores of the stream.  We will camp out, make an amazing campfire, and cook a hearty meal on Saturday night before starting another full day of planting on Sunday.

Monday, the group will continue their exploration of the distinct Central Oregon ecosystems with a breathtaking hike on the Alder Springs trail.  The trail starts in rimrock before dropping into one of the most impressive canyons in Central Oregon.  After a chilly crossing of Squaw creek, the trail continues through the canyon before coming to an end at the confluence of Squaw Creek with the mighty Deschutes River.  After our hike we will board the bus and start the journey back to Catlin.  We will arrive at Catlin on Monday evening with plenty of time to prepare for the Thanksgiving festivities!

Interested Upper School Students should email David Zonana to sign up.  The cost of the three day trip is $60.