Biking the Springwater Corridor

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Thu, 07/05/2012

Portland is vying for the crown of "Bicycle City USA" and its crown jewel is the Springwater Corridor.  On this trip we will meet at Catlin Gabel in the morning and drive in our little school bus over to the Sellwood area.  Once there our group will mount our trusty bicycles (road bikes or mountain bikes ae fine) and start off on this magnificent trail.  The best part is that the route is almost flat!  We will travel through neighborhoods on this newly paved bike path, past industrial installations, through farmlands and frolicking horses and all the way out to Boring.  The entire bike trek will take about five hours and will cover perhaps twenty miles.  The strength of the group and the weather conditions will determine exactly how far we go, so students need not worry about it being excessively challenging.

The trip is open to Middle Schoolers.  Students should be in good physical condition and certainly must be comfortable riding a bicycle for most of the day. Students should plan to bring their own bicycles.

The cost of the trip is $10 and does not include lunch.

To sign up, send an email to