Annual Graduating 8th Grade Mount St. Helens Summit Attempt

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Sat, 06/11/2011 - Sun, 06/12/2011

A Northwest Legend 

All 8th graders are invited to come and take part in this Outdoor Program tradition.  We will attempt to climb to the summit of this Northwest landmark, and will hopefully have a chance to peer down into the impressive crater.  On June 11th, our enthusiastic group will drive up to the climber's bivouac where we will set up our camp with many of the other climbers who will be poised to hike the mountain the following day.  With a bright and early start, we will make our way through the forest until reaching timberline where we will then gain the prominent Monitor Ridge.  The ridge should still have plenty of snow on it, which will make our walking a lot easier.  We will continue up the mountain, reaching as high as we are able.  After some glissading on the descent, we will get back on the bus and head back to Portland for some well-deserved rest.

There is no experience necessary, and you do not need to be an athlete to complete this climb. You do need to be in good physical condition and willing to work hard in a group setting.

The cost of this trip is $125.  This fee covers permits, transportation, instruction, and most food.  This trip is only open to graduating 8th graders.  You can sign up by sending an email to David Zonana at