Our Daily Schedule

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How the MS schedule works


The Middle School embraces the 6th through 12th grade common schedule because it reflects best practices in middle years education. Creating blocks of time for experiential education creates room for learning opportunities that we believe are essential during adolescence. These include designated times to get to know our students well, periods dedicated to practicing lifelong skills such as sustained reading, and time for life skills lessons that lay the foundation for a healthy and well-informed lifestyle.

The Middle School year has been divided into three trimesters to accommodate rotations for our programs. The first trimester is September through December, second trimester January through spring break, and the last semester April through June. During each of these trimesters, students will rotate through various activities in the morning flex time and afternoon co-curricular time.

Morning Flex Time
Every morning from 11:25 to 11:50 a.m. all Middle School students will benefit from a new Life Skills Program rotation, sustained silent reading, study halls, and class meeting time. The Life Skills Program will happen on A, B, C, and D days. Teacher office hours and Drop Everything and Read (DEAR) will take place on E and G days. On F days, grade levels will have time for class meetings.

Co-Curricular Time
Every afternoon from 12:30 to 1:05 p.m. all Middle School students will participate in three different activities. On A, D, and F days, students will be in Advisory groups. This time will include study hall that provides time for doing homework in a settled environment, as well as a time to engage in planned discussions with advisors and fellow advisees. On C and G days, we will hold Middle School assemblies (similar to Friday morning assemblies in the past). On B and E days, students will participate in the Co-Curricular Activities period.