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Lifers ceremony photo gallery 2014

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So long, it's been good to know you (BUT STAY IN TOUCH!)

Students who have attended Catlin Gabel since preschool, kindergarten, or first grade, and their parents, join Beginning School families and teachers for a very special Friday Sing.

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HMS Pinafore photo gallery

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Bravo to the class of 2018

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Klickitat River Rafting May 17

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Fast moving water & lots of splashy fun!
Trip leader Yen-Ling Wang was unable to take photos, but reported a great time was had by all. The group departed Catlin on time at 7 am. The weather was chilly in the morning, but with full wet-suits, breaking sun, and no showers, everone remained comfortable and in good spirits. Filling 3 rafts, students and adults alike took on full paddling responsibilities, with lots of whitewater excitement and, happily, no items lost overboard!  The day stretched out longer than originally planned, but early calls to families ensured smooth pick-ups back at school when the bus pulled in at 6:30 pm. As of this report posting, some of the Klickitat rafters have already signed-up for the June 29 trip to the White Salmon River! 


Video: 2014 seniors talk about their college choices

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Catlin Gabel seniors are about to embark on an exciting new chapter in their lives. Five seniors speak here about their college choices, and how they found a good fit for them.

»Link to list of where all seniors are going to college
»Link to article by college counselors about the admission year and college trends

Thomas is going to the School of the Art Institute of Chicago!

Emmarose is going to the University of Southern California!

Chris is going to Princeton University!

Liban's going to Swarthmore College!

Sadie is going to Barnard College!

College list for Catlin Gabel 2014 seniors

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Here's where the class of 2014 is going to college!

(as of 5/22/14)
Amherst College
Barnard College
Bates College
Berklee College of Music
University of British Columbia, Okanagan
Brown University
Case Western Reserve University
Chapman University
University of Chicago
Claremont McKenna College
Colorado College (2)
Colby College
University of Denver (2)
DePaul University
Dickinson College
Hamilton College, NY
Harvey Mudd College
University of La Verne
Lewis & Clark College
Macalester College
McGill University
Montana State University, Bozeman
Mount Holyoke College (2)
New York University (2)
University of Notre Dame
Oberlin College
Occidental College
Oregon State University
University of Oregon (2)
Portland State University
University of Portland (2)
Princeton University (2)
University of Puget Sound (3)
University of Redlands
Reed College
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Rice University
School of the Art Institute of Chicago (2)
Scripps College (3)
Smith College
University of Southern California (2)
Southern Oregon University (2)
Stanford University
Swarthmore College (3)
Tufts University
Tulane University (2)
Union College
Whitman College (5)
Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Summer Borrowing is Underway in the US Library!

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8th grade films win awards at Middle School Media Festival

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Three films by Catlin Gabel 8th graders received awards at the Middle School Media Festival at Bush School in Seattle:

"Free Yourself" by Andrei Stoica and Katie Truong: Honorable Mention

"Welcome To The Hood" by Stuart Ryan, Mason Snider, and Elliott White: Audience Award

"One Fish Two Fish Dead Fish Chewed Fish" by Piper Kizziar, Kathryn Putz and Rachael Underwood: Audience Award & Teacher’s Choice Award

Congratulations to the filmmakers and their teacher, Brendan Gill.

Nic Bergen '16 wins Grand Prize at International Silent Film Festival

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Sophomore Nic Bergen's film "Continuous Quest" won the Grand Prix--first place, best film--last night at the selective International Youth Silent Film Festival, competing against films from the U.S., Canada, and China. Nic received a generous cash prize and time on the set of "Grimm," and will be featured in the Rose Festival. Watch for news of a public screening on June 4. Congrats to Nic and our other finalists, Søren Anderson, Becca Dunn, Gus Edelen O'Brien, Zulema Young-Toledo & Elena Lee, Ben Waitches-Eubanks & Javin Dana, and Vikram Nallakrishnan & Reuben Schafir!

May 17 Mt. Hood summit hopes

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Climbing Oregon's tallest peak is not always blue skies!

Climbing Mt. Hood (Oregon’s tallest peak) is not always blue skies and sunshine.
What this trip was about:
  • To learn to work together as a group
  • To face challenges and difficulties and successfully overcome them
  • To learn mountaineering skills
  • To have fun!
A group of eight upper schoolers, along with three experienced adult leaders, attempted to reach the summit of Mt. Hood over the weekend. Our team left Portland on Saturday, May 17, at 8 am and drove up to Timberline Lodge, where we got geared up for snow school. We began the school at about 10:15 and ran until a bit after 3:30 p.m. Starting with a short course on dry pavement, we discussed the importance of communication, eating, hydration, sunscreen, the parts of an ice axe, how to walk with an ice axe, climbing pace, step length, improving steps, and more. We then went out into the slushy snow to practice. We discussed and worked on several moutaineering techniques, various methods of snow travel, self-arrest, and then rope work. We had a great time and even had fun testing different “anchors.” The weather was quite nice and we enjoyed some incredible views of the mountain.

After snow school, we drove down to the Mazamas Lodge, parked (luckily) at the lower lot, and met lodge caretaker Joe, who very kindly had made us a delicious lasagna dinner. Our group was hungry and, according to Joe, we “cleaned them out of all the food.” We reviewed the forecasts and looked at the telemetry from 7000’ to the summit. Indications showed the morning would be cold and breezy.

After dinner, three of us spent a very memorable half hour helping Joe wash the dishes while he blasted “A Tribe Called Quest.” Once the dishes were done, we packed our summit packs, and went straight to bed. The alarm went off far too early at 1 a.m., and we rolled out of our sleeping bags down to the lodge’s main room, where Joe had prepared a generous bacon and egg breakfast. With full stomachs, we drove up to Timberline Lodge and got started on the climb. We made good time (53 minutes) up to Silcox Hut, 1,000 feet above Timberline, and kept climbing up the Palmer Snowfield as the wind picked up and snow began to blow. Our left sides began to look flocked, like Christmas trees. By the time we had reached the top of the Palmer Snowfield at the Palmer lift house, we were all very cold, and visibility was fairly low as well. After some deliberation among the group, we decided to head back down, and after an hour and a half of glissading we were shedding our dripping Gore-Tex inside Timberline Lodge, glad we were out of the elements. We loaded up the bus and drove back to Portland, happy to have learned a good lesson in the mountains.

We would like to thank Joe for the incredible hospitality and of course our great group of students who made up a great Mt. Hood ascent team!

May 10 Beach Conditioning Hike

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Summiting Saddle & Neahkahnie Mountains in one day!
A hearty group of 18 upper schoolers and 2 middle schoolers ventured out to the Oregon coast for a day-long conditioning hike Saturday, May 10. We started in the rain at the base of Saddle Mountain, but by the time we reached the peak, the clouds were clearing and we had intermittent views of the Pacific Ocean. We ate lunch on top, then headed back down the trail and over to Neahkahnie Mountain, right on the coast. The sun stood out for the whole hike, and we enjoyed ourselves in its warmth on the summit. Eventually, we got hungry, descended, and drove to Camp 18 for dinner before driving home, fully satisfied after a good day of hiking.


Students summit Mt. St. Helens

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Tough weather makes for a big challenge

Our intrepid group met at 9am at Catlin Gabel and 15 students 4 leaders boarded a bus and headed northeast towards the Mt St Helens National Monument. Our first stop was at the Ape Caves where the students explored the lower lava tube and ate lunch. After lunch we proceeded to our campsite at Marble Mountain Snow Park where we set up our tents. Saturday afternoon we took a 5-mile hike to June Lake. The weather Saturday was beautiful and sunny, a pleasant surprise after a dismal forecast.  We enjoyed a dinner of chili and corn bread followed by a fireside chat and headed to bed early anticipating a full day.
At 5 am we got up, ate some breakfast and headed out the Swift Creek trail up the Worm Flows Climbing route. There was a steady drizzle through out the morning that changed in to a steady rain as we broke from the trees. We continued to climb for another 2 hours until about 10am. At this point many of the students were quite wet and getting cold. Some elected to call about 5500 ft their high point and turn around.

The summit-bound group broke into nicer weather above and made its way to the top, arriving at 11:50 a.m.  The summit was devoid of other climbers, but also of any view whatsoever.

The descent group returned to camp and their waiting sleeping bags.
The groups joined again at camp at 3pm and left the snow park at 330pm, returning to Catlin at about 5:30.

Valerie Ding & Nikhil Murthy win awards at Int'l Science Fair

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Catlin Gabel sent two finalists this year to the Intel International Science & Engineering Fair held the week of May 11 in Los Angeles. Both Nikhil Murthy ’17 and Valerie Ding ’15 came home with awards.
Valerie Ding won four awards:
1.      4th Place Grand Award in Physics & Astronomy
2.      3rd Place Internationally & 1st Place Nationally (USA), SPIE International Society for Optics and Photonics
3.      Top 6 Nationally, from American Association of Physics Teachers and the American Physical Society
4.      New American University Provost Scholarship, Arizona State University (awarded to 22 projects nationally).
Nikhil Murthy won 2nd Place Grand Award in the category of Chemistry.

Congratulations, Nikhil and Valerie!

»Link to Oregonian article

The Trail of Ten Falls

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Discovering Silver Falls State Park

We Portlanders can become easily convinced—when it comes to waterfalls—that the Columbia Gorge can’t be beat. It’s dramatic, magnificent…and oh so close! But, if you’re willing to venture a bit further a field, as our group of Catlin waterfall explorers did May 3rd, you will find a hidden world of lush green, spectacular free-falling whitewater, and winding dirt paths that meander along and BEHIND some of the most beautiful waterfalls Oregon (and therefore the world) has to offer. This place is Silver Falls; and, if you haven’t been there, put it on your list. If you have…go back and bring your friends! You won’t be alone but you will be amazed.

Our group of MS hikers was small in number (only four students and two adults) but  brimming with good humor and spirit. We left Catlin at around 9:00 on Saturday, May 3rd, and drove 90 minutes to the South Falls Trailhead of Silver Falls State Park. After a leisurely bus exit, and our mouth-gaping picture taking of the first waterfall, our journey began. Our goal: to complete the Trail of Ten Falls (a 7 or 8.5 mile loop depending upon who you believe). Over the next four hours, we meandered along the path looking for tracks, discussing the stories of the trees and of each other, having our minds blown by waterfalls that seemed to come from all directions, and otherwise reveling in a beautiful day in the woods.  
All-too-soon (though perhaps not for all of us) we were back at the bus and heading north toward Portland and home. We were tired, muddy and happy. A good adventure was had and the repertoire of Oregon’s breathtaking landscape was that much greater in the minds of these six explorers. 

Ten students named international film festival finalists

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Four individuals and three teams of two and have made it to the top 46 Pacific Northwest Regional Finals of the International Youth Silent Film Festival. As finalists, their work will be showcased May 19 – 21, from 7:30 to 9 p.m., at the Hollywood Theatre in Portland.

Congratulations to individual finalists freshman Gus Edelen O’Brien, and sophomores Søren Anderson, Becca Dunn, and Nic Bergen; and to team finalists freshmen Reuben Schafir and Vikram Nallakrishnan, Elena Lee and Zulema Young-Toledo, and Ben Waitches-Eubanks and Javin Dana.

The International Youth Silent Film Festival is a nonprofit organization that gives youth the opportunity to show their work at an annual competition. To purchase tickets, contact the Hollywood Theatre or call 503-281-4215.