Skiing the Rim of Crater Lake | Winterim 2011

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Deep snow and a powerful experience in a gem of the Oregon Cascades.

There is a peace, comfort and inspiration that comes from two and a half feet of fresh, powdery snow falling in one of the wildest and most beautiful pockets of Oregon.  That is exactly what ten ambitious upper school students found as they embarked on a five day backcountry ski trip to to Oregon's only National Park.  We were offered a variety of new experiences, from skiing along the edge of a volcanic caldera, to cooking meals in a kitchen carved from snow, to building a snow cave large enough that all thirteen people in the group could enjoy a hot macaroni and cheese meal inside.  It is hard work moving and living in such a wintery environment, and we all left with a new appreciation for what we are all capable of accomplishing when we let ourselves have these beautifully challenging experiences.  Please enjoy some of our photos from this epic journey.