Our Inspired Teachers: Brian Gant

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Every day Catlin Gabel teachers inspire their students. 16 faculty members talk about how they came to teaching—and what they love about their craft

 From the Autumn 2012 Caller

Brian Gant, MS health and PE

Bachelor's in geography, Simon Fraser University. At CGS since 1984.


I am very fortunate, as every morning that I venture out the door I don’t see myself going to work, but instead pursuing my passion.
I was raised in Burnaby, British Columbia. My teachers were outstanding, and I formed a strong bond with many of them. I was always excited when my social studies teacher would appear on the sidelines of my club soccer games or ask me on a Monday how the game went. They were far more than just teachers and knew me well beyond the classroom. It was around 7th or 8th grade that I started to see teaching as a potential career, and I began my academic preparation.
After receiving my teaching degree from Simon Fraser University, my career was diverted for 10 years as I played professional soccer in Portland. We trained at Catlin Gabel, and I met students, teachers, and thenheadmaster Schauff. When my soccer career came to an end, the school asked me to coach and fill in for a teacher for a year. I saw this as an opportunity to see if this was what I still wanted to pursue as a career.
Twenty-eight years later, I am still here. What I have come to believe is that it is very much like my experiences as a youth. I came from a strong, tightly knit community where teachers and parents cared and looked out for the well being of each kid. Teachers, coaches, administrators, volunteers, interns, office staff, food staff, maintenance staff, alumni, and parents all play a role in the daily education of the students. It is most definitely a community that is raising the child.
Years ago former headmaster Jim Scott would constantly remind the student body “that you are receiving a gift with your education at Catlin Gabel.” I have found that this also applies to teaching in this community.