Interests, Passions, Magnificent Obsessions

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From the Winter 2010 Caller

Catlin Gabel students are a fascinating and inspiring group of young people who manifest their engagement with the world in equally fascinating ways. We spoke to students from 2nd to 12th grade about the pursuits they really, really love—and here are excerpts from what they said about where their interests take them, and how Catlin Gabel teachers support those interests and help feed their curiosity. Explore their stories below.

Writer & explorer, senior

Computer scientist, junior

An active mind, 5th grade

Singer-songwriter, artist, senior

Actor, researcher, senior

Fencer, 8th grade

Computing researcher, senior

Great reader, 4th grade

Installation artist, senior

Scout, community enthusiast, 10th grade

Tango & aerial dancer, 10th grade

Chess player & chicken steward, 2nd grade

Synchronized swimmers, 10th grade & 7th grade

Math & puzzle problem solver, 5th grade

Robotics engineer, junior

Ballet dancer, 3rd grade

Community leader, senior

Violinist, 7th grade

Soccer player & scientist, 5th grade

Dedicated to community service, 10th grade

Photographer & scientist, senior

Jazz pianist, senior