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Welcome to our guests from Martinique

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Nineteen students and three chaperones from Martinique are hosted by the Middle School. French language students provide the homestays.

Books about Child Soldiers in Sudan

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 As you may have heard, we'll be hosting Gabriel Bol Deng, one of the "lost boys" from the war in Sudan.  He will come to Catlin as a speaker on Wednesday, February 9th.  In support of his visit, I've assembled a group of books on the subect of child soldiers, and the war in this region of the world. 

Be sure to also check out Gabriel Bol Deng's website, Hope for Ariang, to learn more about his nonprofit organization to provide primary education to children in Sudan.  

Here's a list of titles that you may want to browse before his visit:

A Long Way Gone:  Memoirs of a Boy Soldier, by Ishmael Beah

Out of Exile:  Narratives from the Abducted and Displaced People of Sudan, by Craig Walzer

The Devil Came on Horseback:  Bearing Witness to the Genocide in Darfur, by Brian Steidle & Gretchen Steidle Wallace

Child Soldiers:  From Violence to Protection, by Michael Wessells

What is the What, by Dave Eggers (a powerful fictionalized memoir of a lost boy)

The Translator:  A Tribesman's Memoir of Darfur, by Daoud Hari

Please ask us if you need any assistance in locating the books.  Thanks.  --Sue 




Service Corps donates books to working poor families

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Bienestar thanks the Catlin Gabel community

The Service Corps book drive for Bienestar was a great success. Executive director Karen Shawcross writes, "Thank you for the awesome donation of 50 boxes of books to the children of Bienestar! These are going to our community rooms where children of farmworkers and working poor families will enjoy them in four homework clubs and our Summer Reading Safari  and Born to Learn programs. We are touched by this generous outpouring of gifts from Catlin Gabel families, and want you to know how much they will be enjoyed by children who have no books at home!"

Read more (Kids Helping Kids) on the Bienestar website.

Zenger Farm article: work of CGS PLACE urban studies class noted

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Portland Tribune article, January '11

Annual Fund makes headway toward goal – Thank You!

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Thank you to everyone who has participated in the 2010-11 Annual Fund so far this year. To date, we have raised 72% of our $935,000 goal.

We are grateful to community members for their committed support and invaluable investment. One-hundred percent of the Alumni Board has participated in the Annual Fund as well as 72% of faculty-staff and 48% of parents.

Early gifts to the Annual Fund are important for planning purposes. However, it is not too late for you to give or pledge to the 2010-11 Annual Fund. We have a ways to go to reach our goal! Make your gift online, by telephone – 503-297-1894 ext 310, or by mail – 8825 SW Barnes Rd, Portland, OR 97225.

Many thanks for your support!

Great schools don’t just happen. We make them so.

Leaving Iowa Photo Gallery

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Upper School play

Thanks go to Bruce Johnson for these photos.

Gifu Kita assembly photo gallery

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Talented visitors from Japan

Thanks go to professional photographer Rich Iwasaki (Yoko's husband) for these fabulous images!

Click on any photo to increase image size and start a slide show.

Annual Fund parking space winners announced

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Congratulations to the Dodson-Grayzel family!

Thank you to everyone who has participated in the Annual Fund so far this year.

Early gifts to the Annual Fund are important for planning purposes. However, it is not too late for you to give or pledge to the Annual Fund. We have a ways to go to reach our goal!

Make your gift online,
by telephone – 503-297-1894 ext 374,
or by mail – 8825 SW Barnes Rd, Portland, OR 97225.

Many thanks for your support!



Welcome to our guests from Gifu Kita School in Japan!

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Fourteen students and two teachers from the Gifu Kita School visit Catlin Gabel and stay with school families from January 3 through 10. This is the 20th anniversary year of our exchange program with our sister school in Japan. Be sure to say hello, or, rather, konichiwa!

Service Corps book drive, January 10 – 21

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Community-wide sorting party on January 22

January 15 sorting party canceled

Please collect children's and youth books to contribute

We are excited to announce the next CG Service Corps activity: a book drive benefiting Bienestar, a nonprofit housing and service organization serving Washington County’s Hispanic community.

Upper School students have been volunteering at the Bienestar homework club for three years. Our book drive will further cement a wonderful partnership and boost Bienestar’s mission to educate the migrant labor population they serve.

Cross-divisional teams of Catlin Gabel students and faculty-staff will collect and presort donated books between January 10 and 21.

Parents, students, faculty-staff, and alumni are invited to two sorting parties in the barn on Saturday, January 22.

We will load books onto the retired Rummage truck for delivery to Bienestar.

Details about book drop locations to follow.

“If there’s one thing Catlin Gabel families have in abundance, it’s books!”
—Service Corps Core Steering Committee


China Hat Caving and Smith Rock Climbing Expedition

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Adventures in Central Oregon with the Outdoor Program

The sun was setting in dramatic fashion over the Oregon desert, and the clouds that had been hung up on the Cascades to the West had dislodged themselves and were threatening rain.  Half of our group had rappelled into the collapsed lava tube while the rest stood at the edge looking down.  None of us at the bottom had yet started exploring the pitch black cave that was our only way out of the sink hole.  We were in the middle of one of many of the adventures of a truly great weekend.  Impressive snow during the bus ride over the pass, pulled pork tacos next to a wood stove, and an abandoned, yet sunny Smith Rock State Park provided plenty of other memorable experiences.  Everyone in the group pushed themselves in many ways, and hopefully returned to Portland a little more adventurous.  Please enjoy some photos from our trip.

Winter Break with Good Books to Read!

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 Hi, everybody!

It’s just a few days before Winter Break, and I’d like to offer you some reading recommendations.  If novels and biographies aren’t your thing, we have books on programming in Python, codecracking, politics or history.  There are thousands of options, so stop by to find your perfect match. We’re open until 4pm on Friday, December 17th so you can find something good to read in your free time.  

Happy countdown to the break!


In a Strange Room, by Damon Galgut  
In this newest novel from South African writer Damon Galgut, a young loner travels across eastern Africa, Europe, and India. Unsure what he's after, and reluctant to return home, he follows the paths of travelers he meets along the way. Treated as a lover, a follower, a guardian, each new encounter-with an enigmatic stranger, a group of careless backpackers, a woman on the verge-leads him closer to confronting his own identity. Traversing the quiet of wilderness and the frenzy of border crossings, every new direction is tinged with surmounting mourning, as he is propelled toward a tragic conclusion. (from the book jacket).  This novel has received fine reviews, and was a finalist for the Man Booker prize, 2010.

Alan’s War, by Emmanuel Guibert
If you like graphic novels, check out this gritty account of a Second World War soldier’s experiences during and after the war, both in the US and Europe.  Nik Hall recommended this book to us, so if you read it, be sure to talk to him about it!

The Photographer, by Emmanuel Guibert
“A graphic novel and photo journal that follows reporter Didier Lefevre on a dangerous journey through Afghanistan with the Doctors Without Borders mission” (US library catalog).  If you’re interested in the range of the graphic novel across genres including history, politics, and biography, here’s a good read.  Notice that it’s also by the author of Alan’s War.  

Linus Pauling in His Own Words, by Linus Pauling
“Pauling's scientific career spanned nearly the entire 20th century, from his revolutionary Nobel Prize-winning theories on the chemical bond to his controversial work on orthomolecular medicine and vitamin therapy, which continued up to his death in 1994. To many, however, he is best remembered as an ardent peace activist and a crusader for human rights, which brought him his second Nobel. Throughout his career, he was called a genius, a visionary, a Communist, and even a crank. Nothing about Pauling was simple or obvious.” (from a review in Library Journal)

Small Island, by Andrea Levy
This is the story of a young woman who “arrives in London from Jamaica in 1948 with her life in her suitcase, her heart broken, [and] her resolve intact.  Her husband, Gilber Joseph, returns from the war expecting to be received as a hero, but finds his status as a black man in Britain to be second class”  (from the book jacket).  This novel won the Orange Prize and the Whitbread book of the year prize.  


Diversity committee introduces affinity groups for parents

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Catlin Gabel’s diversity committee is pleased to launch cross-divisional parent affinity groups in January. We start modestly this year with three affinity groups for adoptive families, families of color, and lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgender people and their families. In addition to parents, participants may include school leaders, diversity committee members, and interested faculty and staff members.

Your children’s emotional safety and your comfort in our community are vitally important to us. Catlin Gabel is a place where every student should thrive and every family should feel connected. We seek your input and involvement to ensure that those core values are realized.

Affinity groups can play a variety of roles in a school like Catlin Gabel, and they have been effective on our campus in the past. At the outset, the meetings will be social events for parents to meet and talk about common interests or concerns. Later, each affinity group will schedule monthly or bi-monthly meetings that will include specific agenda items determined by the group or suggested by the school. Ultimately, we will ask the affinity groups to identify what Catlin Gabel might do differently or better. Your thoughts, especially specific recommendations, are an important source of feedback that will help inform how we can improve inclusivity and further develop our cultural competency as a community.

In the spring we will form a diversity committee that includes parents from each of the affinity groups as well as other interested community members. Paul Andrichuk, chair of the faculty-staff diversity committee, will facilitate this parent diversity committee, which will regularly update the administrative leadership and the PFA.

We seek affiliated parents to attend the affinity group meetings. Follow-up meetings will be scheduled by the people attending the initial meetings.

Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual/Transgender Families Affinity Group

Thursday, January 6, at 7 p.m.
Beginning School Well
Facilitators: Sue Phillips, US librarian, and Mary Foulk, annual giving officer

Families of Color Affinity Group

Tuesday, January 11, at 7 p.m.
Beginning School Well
Facilitator: Zalika Gardner, 2nd grade teacher and alumna

Adoptive Families Affinity Group

Thursday, January 13, at 7 p.m.
Beginning School Well
Facilitators: Astrid Dabbeni, executive director of AdoptionMosaic, and Nance Leonhardt, US art teacher

If you have questions or concerns, please contact Paul Andrichuk. Questions about the specific affinity groups can be directed to individual facilitators.

Catlin Gabel receives multimillion-dollar gift

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Philanthropy News Digest article, November '10

Video of state championship goals

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Highlight reel shot by Jennifer Davies, parent of alumni

The girls defeated St. Mary's of Medford, 2-0, to win the 2010 title. » Read the Oregonian story

The boys beat St. Mary's of Medford, 1-0, in double overtime. » Read the Oregonian story