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Spanish Exam Results

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Middle School

Level 1EighthGrade
Eva Jahanshir, 1st in state, silver nationally
Annika Carfagno, 2nd in state, silver nationally
Garet Neal, 2nd in state, silver nationally
Maya Banitt, bronze
Ford Brown, bronze
Lauren Fogelstrom, bronze
Zach Allen, honors
Max Armstrong, honors
Brendan Attey, honors
Lily Burns, honors
Nico Hamacher, honors
Arielle Schnitzer, honors
Walter Sherry, honors
Lauren Shoemaker, honors

Level 2 – Eighth Grade
Kellie Takahashi, 1st in state, gold nationally
Matthew Bernstein, 3rd in state, gold nationally
Larissa Banitt, gold
Sarah Norris, silver
Daniel Chang, bronze
Evan Chapman, bronze
Conner Hansen, bronze
Andrew Lee, bronze
Nick Miller, honors
Dylan Gaus, honors
Emma Marcus, honors
Collin Moore, honors
Ally Rossi, honors
Simon Schiller, honors
Elli Wiita, honors

Upper School

Level 1
Walker Andrews, bronze
Peter Smith, bronze
Camille Fairbairne, honors
Spencer Hotchkiss, honors
Liban Sheikh, honors

Level 2
Samara Michaelson, 2nd in state, gold nationally
Michael Elliott, gold
Kyra Finley, gold
Libby Grant, silver
Tess Michaelson, silver
Alexis Shoemaker, silver
Anisha Adke, honors
Qiddist Hammerly, honors
Rachel Caron, honors
Ali Corwin, honors
Ellie Lezak, honors
Maya Rait, honors
Jordan Riddle, honors
Lukas Stracovsky, honors
Elise Thompson, honors

Level 3
Katie Zechnich, 2nd in state, silver nationally
Rahul Borkar, 3rd in state, bronze nationally
Allyson Foltyn, bronze
Ramtin Rahmani, bronze
Curtis Stahl, bronze
Kenny Woods, bronze
Ben Shmulevsky, honors
Kenny Yu, honors
Lurana Crowley, honors
Margaret Fossand, honors
Mira Hayward, honors
Will Schneiger, honors
Mckenzie Spooner, honors
Will Bishop, honors
Naomi Iverson, honors

Level 4
Zoe Frank, 2nd in state, gold nationally
Casey Currey-Wilson, gold
Owen Chapman, bronze
Jackson Morawski, bronze
Andrew Salvador, bronze
Brooke Edelson, honors
Kanaiza Imbuye, honors
Grace McMurchie, honors
Grant Phillips, honors
Hannah Rotwein, honors
Maggie Weirich, honors
Jeremy Wood, honors
Koby Yudkin, honors

Level 5
Lauren Ellis, gold
Jade Chen, silver
Jenna Rolle, silver
Taylor Smith, silver
Jenny Faber, bronze
Rebecca Garner, honors
Nina Greenebaum, honors
Julianne Johnson, honors
Esichang McGautha, honors
Logan Smesrud, honors
Cydney Smith, honors
Holly Kim, honors
Andrea Michalowsky, honors

Kudos to our Spanish language department: Enrique Escalona Fuentes, Spencer White, Wally Wilson, Ron Sobel, Lauren Reggero-Toledano, and Roberto Villa.


National French Contest Results

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Middle School French awards

Level 01A (7th grade) 6,817 participants nationally
Iris Ellenberg, bronze, 1st in Oregon, 8th in nation
Nina Miller, 2nd in Oregon
Janelle Gowgiel, 3rd in Oregon
Nicolas Bergen, 4th in Oregon
Calissa Spooner, 5th in Oregon
Abby Hungate, 6th in Oregon
Emily Rodriguez, 6th in Oregon
Kendall Goodlett, 7th in Oregon
Solomon Hammerly 8th in Oregon
Hanna Alomair, 9th in Oregon
Dariush Sabi, 9th in Oregon
Ethan Hanson, 10th in Oregon

Level 1A (8th grade) 24,874 participants nationally
Victoria Michalowsky, bronze, 1st in Oregon, 7th in nation
Jillian Rix, 2nd in Oregon, 8th in nation
Jarod Gowgiel, 3rd in Oregon, 9th in nation
Raina Morris, 4th in Oregon
Simon McMurchie, 4th in Oregon
Nicole Nelson, 5th in Oregon
Nicolas DeStephano, 8th in Oregon
Kallan Dana, 9th in Oregon
Nicolas DeStephano, 8th in Oregon
Mary Gilleland, 10th in Oregon
Finn Schneider, 10th in Oregon
Hanna Sheikh, 10th in Oregon

Upper School French awards

More than 100,000 students participated in the Grand Concours National French Contest. Eight Upper School students placed among the top 10 nationally in three proficiency levels.

Level 1A
Erin Wynne, bronze, 2nd in Oregon, 8th in nation
Mary Whitsell, 6th in Oregon
Olivia Streb, 7th in Oregon
Tapwe Sandaine, 9th in Oregon
Madison Lee, 9th in Oregon
Lewis Fitzgerald- Holland, 10th in Oregon

Level 2A
Emmarose John, bronze, 1st in Oregon, 10th in nation
Ella Bohn, 2nd in Oregon
Kelsey Hurst, 2nd in Oregon
Gabriele Chodosh, 3rd in Oregon
Dina Zaslavsky, 3rd in Oregon
Ian Smith, 4th in Oregon
Yelena Blackburn, 5th in Oregon
Mark Van Bergen, 7th in Oregon
Emily Tuchman, 8th in Oregon
Emily Siegel, 10th in Oregon

Level 3A
Zoe Frank, 1st in Oregon, 3rd in nation
Lynne Stracovsky, 2nd in Oregon
Flora Field, 3rd in Oregon
Jeremy Howard, 4th in Oregon
Benji Lin, 4th in Oregon
Ilana Cohen, 5th in Oregon
Genevieve Gideonse, 5th in Oregon
Evan Brandaw, 7th in Oregon
Brandon Wilson, 7th in Oregon
Allie Weston, 8th in Oregon
Anne Gilleland, 9th in Oregon
Tucker Gordon, 9th in Oregon
Devon Utter, 9th in Oregon
Annika Berry, 10th in Oregon

Level 4A
Hunter Ray, bronze, 1st in Oregon, 9th in nation
Nicholas Rhodes, bronze, 1st in Oregon, 9th in nation
Fiona Noonan, bronze, 2nd in Oregon,10th in nation
Neil Badawi, 3rd in Oregon
Thalia Kelly, 4th in Oregon
James Furnary, 5th in Oregon
Schuyler Brevig, 6th in Oregon
Rachel Caron, 6th in Oregon
Sarah Ellis, 6th in Oregon
Cameron Edwards, 8th in Oregon
Mona Corboy, 9th in Oregon

Level 5A
Rachel Savage, 3rd in Oregon
Ko Ricker, 3rd in Oregon
Alexandra Corey, 5th in Oregon
Eli Wilson Pelton, 5th in Oregon
Jemma Pritchard, 6th in Oregon
Sarah Macdonald, 7th in Oregon
Alex Liem, 8th in Oregon
Henry Gordon, 9th in Oregon

Three cheers for our French language teachers: Francine Chough, Monique Bessette, Veronique de la Poterie, and Madeleine Girardin-Schuback!


Senior Vighnesh Shiv named a finalist in international Google Science Fair

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Congratulations, Vighnesh!

Google has narrowed down their search out of more than 7,500 entries from around the world. Vighnesh is one of five finalists in the 17-18 age category. Vighnesh and the other finalists will be flown to Google’s Mountain View, California, headquarters in July for the final judging round. The panel of judges includes “Nobel Laureates, tech visionaries, and household names.” Vighnesh's project is titled Foundational Algorithms for Music Analysis with Wide Applicability in Signal Processing.

» Information about the Google Science Fair and Vighnesh’s project

More news about Vighnesh: his paper titled Improved Frequency Estimation in Sinusoidal Models Through Iterative Linear Programming Schemes has been accepted for publication and presentation at the international Sound and Music Computing Conference in July. The Department of Information Engineering at the University of Padova and the Conservatory "Cesare Pollini" of Padova, Italy, jointly organize the conference.


Backpacking along the banks of Siouxon Creek

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Students of all grades of Catlin's Upper School ventured up the windy roads of the Mount St. Helens Volcanic Monument for a weekend of backpacking along the beautiful Siouxon Creek.  Three seniors took a break from their end-of-the-year, senior projects to join us on one of their last Outdoor Program trips.  After loading up our packs at the trailhead, we headed down the trail in perfect sunshine.  Mary quickly led the pack past multiple waterfalls and impressive rapids along the creek.  The trail crossed the full stream over bridges and we stopped multiple times to sit in the sun and enjoy being outside.  A long lunch at a rocky beach quickly turned into a rock throwing contest, with Max proving to be MVP.

The weathered turned around dinner time, and we cooked our food, played cards, and turned in for bed all while trying our best to stay dry.  After a long night's rest, we cooked our breakfast and packed up camp to start the pretty hike back to the bus.  We stopped at the Dollar Tree in Battle Ground, WA on the way home to pick up a random assortment of gifts for Peter Green who had to stay home for the weekend due to a knee surgery.

Please enjoy some photos from our weekend.

Summer Borrowing in the US Library Begins on May 31st

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Every summer, the US Library likes to send its books on interesting vacations with students, faculty and staff.  Everyone from the bus drivers to students to teachers and administrators likes to stop by to carry off something interesting to read. 

Over the course of the coming weeks, I'll be adding all sorts of recommendations to this list. After Memorial Day weekend, Summer Borrowing begins!  Returning students, staff and faculty may check out an armload of good books that won't be due until mid-September. 

So, let's begin...

A Taste of the Arts

We've added some new titles on filmmaking, animé, origami, modern architecture, and music.  Here's a sampling.

Didier Boursin:  Origami Paper Animals
Barbara Isenberg:  Conversations with Frank Gehry
Maria Lafont:  Soviet Posters
Shereen LaPlantz:  The Art & Craft of Handmade Books
Steven Mithen:  The Singing Neanderthals:  The Origins of Music, Language, Mind, and Body
Chris Patmore:  Movie Making Course
Simon Richmond:  The Rough Guide to Animé
Bee Shay:  Collage Lab
Stuart Shea and Robert Rodriguez:  Fab Four FAQ:  Everything Left to Know about the Beatles...and More!
Anna Deavere Smith:  Letters to a Young Artist:  Straight0up Advice on Making a Life in the Arts

Graphic Novels

Some are political, some are futuristic, and many of them are becoming classics of the genre.  

Charles Burns:  Black Hole
Alan Moore:  Saga of the Swamp Thing; Watchmen
Joe Sacco:  Palestine
Marjane Satrapi:  The Complete Persepolis

Southern Fiction

Hot, still afternoons, complex prose, solitude, thunderstorms, lemonade on the porch, and smoldering post-Civil War tensions are just a few of the characteristics of some of these books by southern authors.  

William Faulkner:  The Sound and the Fury; Light in August
Charles Frazier:  Cold Mountain; Thirteen Moons
Sue Monk Kidd:  The Mermaid Chair
Carson McCullers:  The Heart is a Lonely Hunter
Toni Morrison: A Mercy
Gloria Naylor:  Mama Day
Reynolds Price:  Kate Vaiden
Kathryn Stockett:  The Help
Eudora Welty:  Delta Wedding; Selected Stories

Fantasy Fiction

These books are filled with other worlds, elves, teenagers with magical powers, hobbits, daemons, and fine storytelling.

Charles de Lint:  Memory & Dream
Ursula LeGuin:  Powers
Christopher Paolini:  Brisingr (part of a series)
Philip Pullman:  The Golden Compass (part of a series)
J.R.R. Tolkien:  The Hobbit (the prelude to a great series)

Keep checking back for more recommendations!







8th graders Matthew Bernstein & Larissa Banitt win 1st & 2nd place in national poetry competition

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8th graders Matthew Bernstein and Larissa Banitt just won 1st and 2nd place, respectively, in the national poetry contest sponsored by the Manningham Trust. Their poems came in 1st and 2nd in the Oregon State Poetry Association (OSPA) contest in the middle school category. The OSPA submitted them to the national contest, to which 12 states sent their top poems in the junior division. Congratulations to Matthew and Larissa for this very nice honor! Their poems are below.

My Great-Grandfather’s Letter
by Matthew Bernstein

Tradition dictated that I receive my great-grandfather’s letter at 13
On the brink of adulthood I teetered
and the aged letter
winter’s bone
colored my future
it crackled under my dry fingertips
unfolding its creases
revealing a present from my past
thin blue veins holding such promise
A 13 year-old immigrant from the Island of Rhodes arrives in America with nothing
but words
his story my history
loops in perfect ruler-rapped scroll
I thought of the worn hands that folded the letter precisely
in sharp thirds
But age consumed its words
And so it closed again
an oyster shell

A Day at the Beach
by Larissa Banitt

Charcoal washes down the beach like ink
The blackened logs carried out from their pits to the tide
Prints of animals write fables in the sand
Gulls screech as they pirouette across the sky
Diving between kites
Silhouetted like a shadow show
Of masterful carving
Iridescent kelp lies floating in
The tide’s current
Mermaid hair attached to a sandy scalp
And just adjacent to the rock
With the myriad of anemones and sea stars
A child screams with delight
For she has just found
The perfect sand dollar
Completely round
Not even chipped at the edges
And in a chubby fist she raises it for all to see
Though her parents are the only spectators around
Until the sun peeks out from its cotton curtains
Smiling down at the giggling toddler
And lays a diamond kiss on the dollar
And weaves gold into the girl’s hair
And binds the fables of the shore creature’s prints
Into a charcoal ink volume
In a cover the color of warmth and summer breezes
Just for a moment
Then it slips back like the tide
Receding from the shoreline
Its beaming light playing the water like a harp
Plucking out dolphin song


8th graders' films to be shown at middle school media festival in Seattle

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The films of 15 8th grade filmmakers from Catlin Gabel's media arts class were selected to screen on May 13 at the Middle School Media Festival at Seattle Country Day School. Congratulations to all!

Jarod Gowgiel & Zach Alan
Lily Burns & Elayna Caron
Chloe Smith & Sophie Paek
Larissa Banitt & Jillian Rix
Raina Morris & Nikki Nelson
Evan Chapman & Andrew Lee
Nicolas DeStephano, Joseph Endler & Nico Hamacher

Upside Down
By Jarod & Zach

By Lily & Elayna

The Grey Cat’s Song
By Chloe & Sophie

I Love Talking
By Larissa & Jillian

Red Runs Away
By Raina & Nikki

By Evan & Andrew

The Prank
By Joseph, Nico, and Nicolas


Four tennis players advance to state finals

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Junior Andrew Salvador won the district boys singles championship, seniors Will Caplan and Reid Goodman took the boys doubles title, and junior Kate Rubinstein finished as district runner up in girls singles. They will compete for state titles on May 20 and 21 in Eugene.

Boys and girls golf teams head to state

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Congratulations, Eagles!

The boys team will compete at the state for the ninth consecutive time after winning their district title by 21 shots. The girls are going to state for the first time after finishing in second place at district. The state competition for boys and girls is on May 16 and 17 at Trysting Tree Golf Club in Corvallis. Congratulations, Eagles!



Senior Vighnesh Shiv is a semifinalist in the Google Science Fair. Cast your vote for the People’s Choice Award by May 20.

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More than 7,500 students from 90 countries entered the competition. Vighnesh is one of 20 semifinalists in his age group. A panel of judges will select five finalists in each age group to visit Google headquarters for final judging and the opportunity to win a generous college scholarship.

In addition, with your votes Vighnesh could win the People’s Choice Award.

Vote for Vighnesh now!

Spring break 2012 finalized

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Spring break is March 24 – April 1

Catlin Gabel’s spring break next year is the last week in March—not the previous week, which was published as tentative.

We had been waiting for the Portland Public Schools to schedule their spring break before finalizing our schedule, so our break aligns with theirs.

In addition to syncing with PPS, the later break provides improved odds for decent weather for experiential week just prior to spring break. Experiential week will run March 19–23.


Siemens We Can Change the World Challenge names Catlin Gabel team state winners

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The Siemens competition challenges students to create sustainable, reproducible, energy-related environmental improvements that can be replicated around the globe. Catlin Gabel’s Team Turbine, advised by Veronica Ledoux and composed of sophomores Marina Dimitrov and Mark Van Bergen, and senior Sarah Ellis, were winners for the state of Oregon. They had realized that the water arriving at Catlin Gabel travels downhill and thus arrives at the school under higher pressure than necessary. They determined that installing a microturbine in the school’s water line could harvest usable energy from this pressure difference. Sophomore Cody Hoyt produced this video that explains the possibilities of the project, and posted it on YouTube to share with others around the world. The team plans to present at the Oregon School Facilities Management Association annual conference and hopes to use the school’s international connections to expand the project further. National winners will be announced in mid-May.


Three coaches named state coach of the year

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Three Catlin Gabel coaches were named state coach of the year for leading their teams to state championships. John Hamilton was honored for coaching boys golf and girls cross country, Hedy Jackson for boys tennis, and Lerry Baker for girls track and field. Thanks to these great coaches for all they do for our students, and congratulations to all three! 

Rafting the Grande Ronde River

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 The Nez Perce knew the Grande Ronde River as Welleweah, or "The River that Flows into the Far Beyond."  The Catlin Outdoor Program took a long weekend to explore the remote canyon that this beautiful river has carved in the far northeastern corner of the state.  Draining the Blue Mountains and the nearby Wallowas, the Grande Ronde sees few people over the 212 miles that it travels before spilling into the Snake River at Hell's Canyon.

This trip was a true adventure, as none of the participants, not even the leaders had been on the river before.  As we headed East toward Minam, the sunshine intensified and landscape changed dramatically from what we were used to.  While the views from the bus were beautiful, they couldn't compare to the steep canyons, clear creeks, sandy beaches, and rocky ridge tops that we would explore during our river trip.  We saw kingfisher, golden eagles, elk, and tons of deer along the way.  A pair of bear hunters were the only other people that we saw over our three days in the canyon.

Aside from the natural wonders, there were many other memories made over the weekend.  Puppies and baby goats at the Elgin Boot and Saddle shop, sharing riddles and jokes around the fire ring, the stinging of brambles against bare legs during an epic bushwhack, waiting for a new form of transportation from our take out at the Powwatka Bridge when our bus broke down......and Easter dinner at Denny's!

Please enjoy some photos from this adventure.  And, thank you to everyone in Eastern Oregon that helped us to get home on Sunday when things decided not to go as planned.  It all worked out in the end.  More photos to come.

Catlin Gabel named 1st Water Hero in Tualatin Valley district

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Oregonlive.com blog article, April '11

From Oregonlive.com blog article

Catlin Gabel has been awarded Tualatin Valley Water District’s (TVWD) first Water Hero Award. They were recognized for their significant water use reductions, which has also resulted in significant monetary savings.
In 2000, Catlin Gabel’s water use peaked at 7.3 million gallons per year. By 2010, the school used just 1.5 million gallons, which at current rates values equates to a savings of $19,313. In the last six years, Catlin Gabel has sustained an average 44% less water use than their 2002-2004 average. This is in addition to significant reduction in consumption in ‘02-’04 compared to the five years prior.
“Catlin Gabel should be very proud of their water use reduction,” said TVWD Conservation Technician Steve Carper. “This amount goes far above and beyond what would be seen at typical non-residential sites. However, their experience provides a great blueprint about what many companies can do to reduce their water use.”
Catlin Gabel Plant Manager Eric Shawn and Grounds Supervisor Mike Wilson worked closely with the grounds crew to develop and implement a plan for reducing water use. The most significant reduction occurred when they converted most of their irrigation from domestic water to a well, and installed a weather-based irrigation system. Replacing aging water lines, using a water catchment system for drip irrigation, new high-efficiency toilets and installation of on-demand hot water units has also contributed to the overall water use reduction.
For more information about what companies can do to reduce their water use, they should contact their water provider.


Alumnus Ian McCluskey's short film recommended by Wall Street Journal

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Ian McCluskey '91's film Summer Snapshot is one of eight shorts the Wall Street Journal recommends viewers see at the Tribeca Film Festival. The WSJ calls the film an "Instagram-esque look at the summer day you wish you had had growing up. Nostalgic, wistful, perfect." Ian's film was selected for the festival, along with 60 others, from a pool of 2,800 submissions.

Eighth graders praised for their published poetry

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Experiential learning in the core curriculum

Eighth grade students in Glenn Etter's English class wrote poetry that connects to the missions of local businesses and organizations. Each student sent three poems to an organization and asked to have their poems displayed on a wall, thereby making the students “published” poets.

The response has been extraordinary! Two students are poets of the week at Powell’s Books. (Last week’s poets were W.B. Yeats and e.e. cummings!) Another student’s poem was forwarded and posted at flower shops in Paris and London. Several businesses have asked permission to frame and permanently display the poems.

Some replies

Hi Glenn,

I run the poetry section here at Powells, Cedar Hills. Recently, I received poems submitted by two of your students, Sarah Norris and Emma Marcus. I thought they were both terrific and well worth sharing with our customers.

I have posted them on the wall by the poetry section for people to enjoy. Each Monday, I also print up several copies of a "poem of the week" that customers are encouraged to take with them. I have printed copies of Sarah and Emma's poems to feature as our poems for this week. Most recently, we've featured W. B. Yeats and e.e. cummings, so they can be assured of being in good company.

Thank you for forwarding them to us.

John Cabral
Powells, Cedar Hills Crossing

Dear Glenn,
My name is Frank Blanchard and I am a designer and Director of Business Development and Event Design here in Portland at Flowers Tommy Luke.
One of your students, Lauren Fogelstrom, sent us a poem she had written and I must say it couldn’t have come at a better time. Just wanted to let you know that we have not only shared it with Portland, but Lauren has officially gone “Global”. I posted her poem entitled “Daffodil” today on our Flowers Tommy Luke facebook page, my personal facebook page, and several of my floral industry friends pages in Boston, Georgia, Florida, California, and New York City as well as London and Paris. I think it was a bright spot a lot of us could use about now.

Thank You Lauren!

Frank Blanchard, Director
Business Development/Event Design
Flowers Tommy Luke

Hello Mr. Etter. I am the manager of Everyday Music. I am writing to let you know we have received the poems by your students, and have proudly displayed them in our windows facing Burnside Street. Please let the students know that we thoroughly enjoyed reading them, and are so excited to have them up. So far, the staff favorite seems to be Johns! Thank you so much for thinking of us and sending them our way. If the kids ever want to come in and introduce themselves I will be happy to give them 10 percent off anything they purchase. Thanks again!

Auggie Rebelo
Store Manager
Everyday Music

Hello Mr. Etter/Glenn/Teacher!

Our optometry clinic received two poems today from Jillian Rix & Maddy Prunnenberg-Ross and we thought they were very well written. Our office specializes in primary care optometry catering to patents of all ages. These poems would be a perfect fit for our office and we were wondering if it would be possible to have both Jillian & Maddy hand wright the poems so that we can have them framed and displayed in our office for the public to enjoy? A 4X6 or 5X7 piece of paper would be perfect.
Please let me know when you have a chance. Thank you and have a great weekend!

Rob Phillips

Dear Mr. Etter,

Today we received a cover letter and a most wonderful and sensitive poem
from your student, Dylan Gaus. I will proudly display it in my flower shop studio and discuss it with
clients who come into the store. What a valuable experience you present to your students by encouraging them to share their art with the community. As a business owner and community activist, I am delighted to see creativity both supported and displayed as part of the learning process.

Thank you both.

Most sincerely,
Pat Hutchins and Mary Anne Huseby
Flowers In Flight
308 SW 1st Avenue
Portland, Oregon 97204

Greetings Glenn Etter,

I am the Sections Manager for the Blue Room (which contains our main Poetry sections) and I received a couple of poems and letters from two of your 8th Grade students. I was very pleased to see that you have created such a great class project around National Poetry month and that your students thought of us here at Powell's to share them with!
We have posted the poems of Garet Neal and Ashley Tam in a display case in the Pearl Room Gallery where we are also showcasing some of our customer's favorite lines of poetry this month.

Kudos to yourself and your team and good luck in the competition!

Sincerely yours in the appreciation of books, reading, and poetry,

Liz Vogan
Sections Manager, Literature and Humanities
Powell's City of Books
503-228-4651 x 1333


Hello, I will be posting the poem of Hanna Sheikh in our golf shop and I went one step past that. Her poem is also published on our website. You can find it here

Please let me know if she prefers to have it removed from the site.
Thank you,
Kathy Wentworth
Claremont Golf Club
Golf Shop Manager

Hello Catlin Gabel,

I received a poem from Raina Morris about "My Grandmother". I am the activity director at Beaverton Hills, I read the poem to my residents they all enjoyed it and we post it up in our community. Will you please tell Raina thank you for sharing her loving poem.

May Huff
Activity Director
Beaverton Hills

Dear Mr. Etter;

We have posted the poems that we received from the following students: Lauren Fogelstrom, Dylan Gaus, Sarah Norris, Kallan Dana, Mary Gilleland and Nikki Nelson. I admire their work, there is some real imagination and creativity there. I think they are fortunate to be learning from you.


Bill Gifford
Gifford’s Flowers
704 S.W. Jefferson
Portland, Oregon 97201

Dear Mr. Glenn Etter-

I am writing to inform you that we have put on the wall 2 poems sent to us by students in your 8th grade class. Kallisti Kenaley-Lundberg and Max Armstrong can be proud "published" poets. I hope they get a chance to see their poems: If I Were A Watter Bottle and Snow on the wall at the store. They made us smile!

Thanks for thinking of us, Julie Watson, Next Adventure

Hello -
My name is Alta Fleming and I'm the manager for Ben & Jerry's on Hawthorne - just wanted you to know that I received Simon's poem and we've posted it on our wall. He did a great job!!

Thanks --
Alta Fleming
Ben & Jerry's
Hawthorne and Clackamas Town Center Stores

I liked very much the christmas poem by nicholas destephano.
we will post it somewhere in the shop.

best, ron rich
oblation papers & press
516 northwest 12th avenue
portland, oregon 97209

Hello Mr. Etter,
We received a kind letter from your student, Maya Banitt, along with a very beautiful poem. At her request, I just wanted to let you know that we would be happy to post her poem in our offices. This poem is most appropriate for our business in designing fireplaces.

Please pass on our appreciation to her for sharing her work with us.

Warm regards,


Debbie J. Webb, Office Manager
Moberg Fireplaces, Inc.
Cellar Building, Suite 300
1124 NW Couch St., Portland, OR 97209

Dear Glenn Etter,

We received the poem written by your student Jillian Rix today. We are posting it in the front area of our shop for customers to enjoy. Thank you for teaching, encouraging our youth and celebrating creativity!


Lavonne Heacock, office manager
Ed Geesman, violin maker, owner
Geesman Fine Violins

Hi Mr. Etter,

I am Robyn Stumpf owner of Wild Iris Flowers & Gifts in Molalla Oregon.
I received a great poem from your student Daniel Chang and am writing to inform you we have posted it on our wall by our candy retail area! Title of the poem was fitting! CANDY

Thank You
Robyn Stumpf
Wild Iris flowers & Gifts

Mr. Etter, I am writing on behalf of the Petco in Albany, OR. We received Aaron Shapira's poem, we thought it was wonderful and have it posted on our bulletin board out front and in the back room for our employees! Please pass on our admiration to Aaron, the poem is great! Thank you,
Keri Capen, Salon Manager Petco

Dear Mr. Etter,
I received a beautiful poem today from one of your students, Jarod. He did an excellent job writing it and I will hang it up in our store with pride. We are a seasonal farm store and will open up the end of August. Jarod's poem will be able to be viewed by all our customers this fall season. Please tell him thank you from all of us.

Oregon Heritage Farms

Dear Mr. Etter,

On Saturday April 16th, 2011, Tualatin Valley Fire and Rescue’s Station 65 received a letter and poem from a student of yours by the name of Jarod. As requested in his letter, the poem has been placed where all can read it and I just wanted to thank him and yourself for the poem. We will all enjoy the poem, “Jumping, Leaping”, and invite you and your class to come by the station sometime for a tour.
Recently, our station along with Station 60 located off Cornell Rd in Forest Heights, visited your facilities and had our own tour. Thank you again for including us as part of your community and thank you for the wonderful poetry project conducted by your students.


Jerry Freeman II
Lt/Pm E-65 “C”
Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue

Dear Maddy's teacher (Mr. Glenn Etter),

It was a pleasure to receive Maddy's sweet poem "Window". We posted it in our office and all our staff read it adn really enjoyed it. Thank you very much! Please say thank you to Maddy (we don't have her address or email).

Dr. Friberg
Zuzana B. Friberg, O.D., F.A.A.O.
Uptown EyeCare & Optical, P.C.

Dear Glenn,
Your student Evan Chapman has his poem "crayon" on our wall at Gossamer.
Thank you, Rose Sabel-Dodge-owner of Gossamer

"The desire to create and craft is the antidote to alienation"
Be Creative & Crafty

I received Conner's poem today. What a wonderful poem. I put it up on the counter for all to see. You may tell Conner he is published.
thank you very much
Heather-Halloween warehouse

Hello Mr. Etter - My name is Kristi Erlich and I am the owner of Owls Nest North Therapy Collaboration. I received a letter and poem from your student, Hanna Sheikh, and am writing to acknowledge receipt of them. Please convey my sincerest thanks to Hanna for choosing our organization to be the lucky recipients of her poem and let her know that we are, indeed, most honored to post/publish it for our clients to be inspired by. Our clients come from all walks of life and are touched in many ways by the connections they make. Hanna's poem speaks to our intention to provide healing experiences through art and connection. Please thank her for sharing herself with our community.


Dear Mr. Etter,

We recently received a letter from Victoria Michalowsky. She requested the opportunity to share her poem with our school. Victoria also wondered if we could post it at our school.

We would like to invite Victoria to read her poem to our kindergartners and then we would enjoy posting it so that others can read it.

Your name was given as the contact person. Please forward our invitation to Victoria.

Our office number is (503) 644-8407.


Sarah Harris
Kathy Phillips
A Child’s Way

Hi Glenn,
I am the owner and operator of the Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream and Frozen Yogurt Store in the Uptown Shopping Center. Hanna Sheikh was kind enough to send to us her recent "Ice Cream Poem ". Please ask her if it's ok to post this on our Community Board for all to see ? She did a great job and I thought that you should know. Please tell her that she is officially "published!" Please provide me with an address to send her a Free Ice Cream Cone Coupon for the good work.

Peace, Love, and Ice Cream
Bruce Kaplan
Chief Euphoria Officer
Ben and Jerry's Portland
503 913-3094