Crash Plan Pro Selected for Faculty/Staff Backup Solution

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Getting regular, reliable, and restorable back ups for faculty and staff has always been problematic. In the past we trained users to manually backup their important files to our servers. Although we provided training and file space, this was less than successful. Users usually had one or two good backups but they were always out-of-date when a hard drive decided to crash.

We then moved to automated backups using a script and robocopy on the Windows side and iBackup on the Mac side. While these methods have improved things significantly we still found that there were many things that could go wrong with the backup including halting on a corrupt file, not finishing or restarting after user intervention, the inability to backup Outlook/Entourage archives and to backup off campus, and difficulty mounting the server so that the backup could begin.
After researching several options and testing a few, we have landed on Crash Plan Proe as our backup solution for faculty and staff. We tested the solution with users who had a large amount of files (50 GB), users with large Outlook/Entourage files (archives), and we had users interrupt the backup and backup from off campus. All our tests were successful and we feel confident adopting this solution beginning this summer.
Crash Plan Proe offers a central monitoring console for so we can see all of user’s last backup dates and when they were successful. We can also see errors if they occur and can proactively work with the user to correct the problem. If there is a loss of data, end users can restore their own backups on or off campus and be up and running without the intervention of IT.  We look forward to reduced data loss with Crash Plan Pro and to rolling out an enterprise-level product that meets the needs of our users.