Energy Use 2008/2009

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End of Year Report


Catlin Gabel used less electricity in 2008/2009, the lowest amount in ten years.  Although the utility rate increased 3.45%, consumption and costs for 2008/2009 were less than in 2007/2008:

  • The school used 9.46% fewer kilowatt hours.  Kilowatt hours per square foot dropped 7% below the previous lowest benchmark.
  • The school spent $7,469 less, a savings of 6.33%.
  • The school avoided costs of $11,708 by reducing consumption.

Natural Gas

Catlin Gabel School used less natural gas in 2008/2009.  Although the utility rate increased 13%, consumption and costs for 2008/2009 were less than in 2007/2008:

  • The school used 20% fewer therms of natural gas.  Therms per square foot dropped 3% below the previous lowest benchmark.
  • The school spent $5,823 less, a savings of 10%.
  • The school avoided costs of $6,281 by reducing consumption.