Interests, Passions, Magnificent Obsessions: Computer scientist, junior

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From the Winter 2010 Caller

Passions: computer science, game development
Interest: robotics

“Last summer I did programming at OHSU in the radiation oncology department, which deals in cancer research and treatment. I worked side by side with a medical physicist from China, Dr. Junan Zhang. I was the main programmer on many small projects that would contribute to cancer research in some way.
My main work involved the CT scanner, which produces a series of images of the patient in slices. I wrote a program to help researchers and doctors view this image data, which before was not easy to use. I found a way to convert the files to a picture format they can view, and I developed the user interface design that made it easier to see and use the images. Among other work, we also wrote a program that made it significantly faster for the image data to compile, because before there was a very long delay before cancer researchers could get the results.
It was a meaningful experience for me. I had never had a job before, and at OHSU I was in a professional environment with scientists.
I do computer science on my own time. I’ve been working on a 3D game engine, a graphics library for the GameBoy Advance, and a compiler for my own programming language, called Hayaku. I don’t know what the future holds. I may go back to OHSU during breaks to work on my projects some more. I’m still in contact with Dr. Zhang to help with any code I’ve written. I’m interested in math and science, but I’m not as passionate about them. My driving passion is for computer science.”