Interests, Passions, Magnificent Obsessions: Robotics engineeer, junior

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From the Winter 2010 Caller

Passions: robotics, engineering
Interest: oldies music

“Robotics is my consuming passion. I’ve taken it upon myself to learn every job on our robotics team to see how they interrelate. Knowing how everything fits together is a huge advantage in figuring out more quickly what part is broken.
I learn best when I’m forced into a big situation and have to throw myself into it. I spent 250 hours in six weeks in the robotics lab during build season. I have no regrets. We built that robot according to specifications, and it hardly ever failed. That’s how I know I had done my job right.
I did some work last summer with the elephants at the Oregon Zoo. Three seniors had fixed some systems there for their senior projects, but there was still work to do. My mission was to build an apple launcher to help the elephants stay healthy and give the public a spectacle to watch. It was a difficult job, and I ended up building four prototypes. The best thing was that I got to learn in depth the process of engineering, from paper to the final design, including building it and seeing if it works. I thought about every decision in depth.

I would like to work in mechanical engineering, and I am interested in the automotive field. But I don’t want to work for a big company. My dream is to work for another company at first and then create my own start-up."