One Family's Gratitude

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Peter Lind '08Dear Lark,

We would like to thank you and the Catlin Gabel faculty for the wonderful education Peter received. Because Catlin teaches students how to really learn and how to write, Peter is more prepared than many of the other cadets at the United States Air Force Academy.

Last semester his classes included world history, English, calculus, introduction to engineering, and computer science. This semester his classes include calculus 2, physics, chemistry, economics, Spanish, and behavioral science. Not only does he have these academic classes, he has military and athletic responsibilities as well.

Peter finished his first semester with a 3.7 GPA, and his second with a 3.5. His class standing is 79th out of 1,280 cadets. He was on both the dean’s list (academics) and commandant’s list (top 13% in overall military standing). Peter spoke with his counselor, who agreed with Peter that he had already learned how to learn, something that most other cadets, as well as college students in general, struggle to obtain during their entire undergraduate years. Peter said he quite clearly has Catlin Gabel to thank for this.

The active reading, recitations, and writing have all well prepared Peter. In his first history paper, he received 124 out of 125 points. All other papers in history and English followed suit. The first time he went to the writing lab (staffed with professors and doctorates in English), they handed his paper back and said there was nothing they could do to improve it!
The recitations prepared Peter for the intensive daily memorization and weekly military knowledge tests. Cadets are expected to memorize a great deal of divergent material in very little time. Peter is one of the very few in his entire class to have so far passed every one of the weekly knowledge tests.

In short, Peter would not be where he is in class standing and academic achievement were it not for the education he received at Catlin Gabel School. We want to thank you very much!

Catlin & Brian Lind