Spring Break 2006

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Spring Break 2006: Pinnacles National Monument

By Michal

From my “Pinnacles log” and memories.

By Michal

From my “Pinnacles log” and memories.

Being such a small group of experienced outdoorsmen and Sarah, we left in our two cars quickly and happily. Minutes into the trip, Jack already had his pants halfway down. Apparently he had a wedgie, although I think he exaggerated it so he could take his pants off. “Don’t look!” he yelled at me and Ian. After Jack mellowed down, someone pulled out a book of thoughtful questions and we took turns answering them. The trip south also included a game of Frisbee, the unmentionable “applecore incident”, as well as a brutal fight over a bag of chips. That was vicious. One surprising thing I noticed on the trip was that the time on the road was just as entertaining and friendly as the time we spent climbing. We reached Pinnacles National Monument on the second day. The first few days of climbing were slow and kind of lazy, but everyday after that we climbed harder routes. At first I was weary of climbing the harder routes, but eventually I became more confident of my abilities and on the last day I climbed two routes I never thought I could have climbed. On the way to California we’d been hoping that the radiant California sun would shine on us that week. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t as great as we had hoped, although it only disrupted out climbing on one day. The rain started pouring on Wednesday after lunch and we had to pack up the ropes. For the first time on an outdoor trip, I felt like I was in a very experienced group. In fact, I felt like I was probably the least experienced member. Everyone got along excellently though, and the group’s universal bond was our sense of humor. A French accent somehow got picked up on Monday, which continued throughout the week (and into my Catlin English class…) which made everything funny. Finally we have something to thank the French for. At camp, everyone complied with their duties (cooking, cleaning, preparing lunch) and the whining level was low. Everyone’s personality added to the completeness of the group, with different levels of energy (oh Jack…) and all sorts of personalities. Because of the snow level in Yosemite Valley, we decided to stay at Pinnacles for the rest of the trip. I’m glad, because Pinnacles has to be one the most beautiful places there is. We all fell in love with it, (besides I’ve been in Yosemite before although others wanted to see it). Writing a summary of the trip is hard, since the most memorable parts of the trip are the short and humorous little anecdotes. Of course, I can’t include all of them here, and some of them would offend moms and good-natured educators. The stories live on in the group though, and for me that’s the most important thing that came out of the trip.

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