Goat Rocks Backpack Trip

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Two teams of 8th, 9th and 10th graders set out to explore the Goat rocks Wilderness in mid June. It was showering when we packed up for the hike, which was definitely annoying. The hiking temperature was nice, though. The packs were inexplicably heavy. The first group set up camp at maybe 5750 feet in the meadows that are part of snowgrass flats. Our group went up to where the 96 trail meets the trail to Goat Lake and camped in a beautiful campsite at 6000 feet. It was clear of snow, the snowline was just at 6000 feet.

On the second day our group traveled mostly cross country and did a physically challenging ascent of Old Snowy: the first peak to be climbed by the new Catlin Gabel Outdoor Program. The weather was glorious on this day. The other group made the long trek to Cispus Pass, mostly over snow. They made an attempt to rendezvous with us at our camp on their return, but the snow obscured the trail and they lost their way. I think this was a challenging and rewarding day for both groups.

On the third day we awoke to cloudy skies, but the rain did not come. We packed up and hiked out, eventually meeting the other group at the main bridge over Snowgrass Creek. We drove the 3-4 hours back to Catlin Gabel and bid good bye to the group there.