Molalla River Rafting and Hiking Adventure

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Molalla River Rafting and Hiking Adventure

Middle Schoolers from Catlin went on a full out adventure the weekend of April 9 and 10, 2005. The group drove to near the headwaters of the Molalla River and set up camp. The weather was fair the first day. That afternoon the team headed up the hill to attempt the hike in to Table Rock. Snow covered the trail within the first half mile, so the going was pretty tough. The high point was reached by about 3pm, and the group took a rest and ate frosted pop tarts.

It was a bit chilly at the trailhead
A rest stop
Enjoying the wilderness experience
Bob Sauer led the way through the snow
Frosting the Pop Tarts

Making Snow Angels

Thde group camped next to the Molalla River that night. Despite about an hours effort at gathering firewood, the wet conditions made it difficult to get the roaring blaze they wanted! Hamburgers, garden burgers, baked beans and salad were on the menu for dinner.

Gathering wood for a fire
What a great hamburger - cooked by Helene and Abby!

The next day everyone boarded the rafts and floated down the Molalla River. Rapids up to Class 3 were no match for the team, including Papa Bear, Mama Bear, Baby Bear, Goldilocks, and Porridge Bowl. Almost all the students were tossed (or slipped) out of the boats at one time or another, but everyone was laughing and screaming the whole way down.

Getting geared up
Which way do we paddle?
The boat Captain
The river gets narrow
Explain this one, Mr. Geology

Skipper, were going under!
Warm and dry in the bus