Skiing the Backcountry of Mt. Hood

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There were a few falls

It seems as though it should be easy, just skiing down the hill from Timberline Lodge to Huckleberry Inn. Twice as easy if you do it two times. Skiing on Nordic skis is different than skiing on downhill skis, and for most of the students on the trip it was a very new experience. But everyone made it down the Glade Trail, and most were clamoring for more at the end of the day. After a quality meal at the Zigzag Inn the group of ten students and three adult leaders went to sleep in their various rooms at the Huckleberry Inn. Sunday saw the group heading over to Bennett Pass after an unecessarily greasy breakfast at the Huckleberry Inn. The weather was beautiful--not a cloud in the sky. The snow conditions were icy and maybe not that forgiving. The students, though, built on the skills they had acquired on Saturday and, for the most part, were able to remain in the upright position while skiing. The "Terrible Traverse" was indeed a problem. The route was a long one and covered eight miles, ending up way down at the Pocket Creek snow park. Everyone was tired and smiling at the end of the trek. A deep sense of satisfaction pervaded the group.