Girls' Snow Adventure Drops Some Lines

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...that rhyme...



Snowshoe Trip


Snowshoe is what we do,

Girl power by the hour,

Munchin' on some lentil stew.


When we felt tired we turned to sledding,

And at nighttime we hit the bedding.

Freshmen, seniors, co-mingling,

Got so cold our toes were tingling.


Girl-talk, truth-talk, 

Whatcha gonna say?

Talk 'til your jaw drops,

Then hit the hay.


White River Canyon is what we hike,

Don't need no snow skis 

Nor a mountain bike.


Lunch time is fun time

And we do it with ease,

As long as you're comfortable

And your butt don't freeze.


Had a great weekend

Thanks to the sun's rays,

Sad to return to school

Late on Sunday!