A sunny weekend at Smith Rock

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Lots of new faces on the rocks

The warmest day of the year greeted this group of enthusiastic Catlin Gabel students.  We all traveled across the mountains in the cheerful yellow school bus, only to be greeted by the remaining population of the state, all hiking and sightseeing at Smith Rock State Park.  No matter.  We soon broke into small groups and scattered ourselves around the various climbing venues within the Park.  Students new to the sport of rock climbing spent Saturday at a basic rock school where they learned about belaying, rappelling, and climbing.  The balance of the group challeneged themselves with climbs ranging from 5.8 to 5.12.  By 8:00 pm everyone was tired enough to board the school bus for a ride into Redmond and a pizza dinner.  The entire group camped at Skull Hollow campground that evening and watched the show from the Lyrid meteor shower.

Sunday was even warmer, and we had six different groups of students and leaders visiting various corners of the park and climbing hard.  The fun ended by 2:00 pm and everyone rode the bus back to portland, singing and watching the scenery roll by.