Sixth Grade Farm Trip Overnight a Success!

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Sixth Graders Go Hog Wild!


  I could hear the bus of 18 singing sixth graders approaching and ran to greet them as they pulled into the dirt driveway of Duyck’s Peachy Pig Farm Saturday afternoon.  We unloaded the bus, had a little welcome meeting and helped one another trek our gear through rows of raspberries, blackberries, and strawberries to set up camp.  With tents set up in the shade of a row of pine trees we fueled up with a snack and  to explore the 6o plus acres of bucolic farmland.  We grazed on berries, figs, plums, filberts, fresh corn, and tomatoes.  We played on an amazing merry go round, and visited Pigs, week old piglets, goats, a llama, a mini horse, a big horse, chickens, geese, ducks, a cow and an Emu! On our way back to camp be collected fresh veggies for our dinner. 

 Back at camp we made personal Calzones.  Each student made their own dough, filled it with fresh veggies, personalized it, and got back a piping hot hand pie full of farm freshness to dip in marinara sauce! 

 Night fell and some of us went to start a campfire, others headed up the hill to play capture the flag in the moonlight. As the full moon rose higher in the sky we all came together to the fire to enjoy, s’mores, jokes, and reflections of the day.   Tuckered out and well fed we retired to our tents to rest up for another fun filled day on Sunday.


 The roosters woke up up around seven, followed by the sound of

giggles in tents as camp stirred to life.    We woke up Gracie in her tent with a cupcake, candle, and a round of “Happy Birthday.”  Early risers grabbed buckets and headed into the berry patch to collect fresh strawberries and raspberries for our berry crepe breakfast.  We worked together to cut the berries and make our crepes.  The kitchen was inspired with left-over using creativity and we were soon pumping out self titled “Berry Blast,” “Original Berry,” “Original,” ”S’mores,” and “Plain” varieties!


 After breakfast we went to feed the animals.  Our hands were tickled by horses lips, we giggled about pig snouts, and had our hears melted by the goats.  We played some more and all gathered around Gracie’s beautiful birthday cupcakes and celebrated.  

 A Scavenger hunt was just the thing to burn off our cupcake energy and we searched the farm high and low for treasures before heading back to camp for fresh veggie pasta lunch.  


 After lunch we loaded up our gear, hung out with our friend the David Bowie Rooster, and headed to the barn where we met Jacinta who let us hold piglets! It was a real highlight to cradle week old pigs in our arms!