Rock climbing at Horsethief Butte

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A warm July day saw a dozen students board the shiny yellow bus for a trip over to the warm side of the mountains. We headed for Horsethief Butte State Park, just across the river from The Dalles. We parked in the new parking lot for the park, and paid the $10 parking fee before walking up to the crags that make up Horsethief Butte. Most of the students were new to rock climbing outdoors, but took to it like fish in water. We set up four different routes, and every student tried every route-- in fact, I think every student completed every route. In the early afternoon it got so warm that we headed over to Horsethief Lake and spent some time in the cool water adjacent to the Columbia River. During the drive home we stopped for ice cream in Cascade Locks, which added to the already exuberant feeling of accomplishment.