Hike The Chasm!

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Middle School Oneonta Gorge Day Hike

We piled aboard our bus at 10am and headed out to the gorge, after less than an hour of hanging out together on the bus we parked, went over the trip and began hiking switchbacks up the gorge through the tall ferns to Ponytail Falls.  This 2.7 mike loop brought us over a bridge above Oneonta Falls (our final destination) where we could peer down into the chasm we would later hike up.  We stopped for snacks where the trail led us behind Ponytail Falls and then snaked back down through the forest, finishing our loop through historic Oneonta Tunnel. 

After a lunch by the river we began our chasm adventure.  The journey starts with a scramble over a log jam.  We helped one another over the massive pile of logs and came to our second challenge: chest deep water with sheer cliffs rising on each side.  Some of us scaled the walls as long as we could to stay dry, some of us waded the river.  Our reward for our bravery was arriving at beautiful Oneonta Falls where we splashed and played until our return to the bus.  

On teh ride home we had a storytelling competition for the best Oneonta folklore.  The winners were Josephine, Emma, and Hannah with tales of horses, turtles, bison, and snakes and how Oneonta Gorge came to be.  They won homemade cookies on Monday at school!